Mila Dietrich fait Pulser le cours-Ju

19 Jul 2019 22:00
Le Pulse
Le Pulse
94 cours julien - Marseille
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Musician since a young age,
Mila Dietrich first played in several rock bands as a thresher.
His influences are numerous:
trip hop, rock, garage or pop psyche. With the desire to share her passion and create her own melodies, she decided to launch her electronic project under the name of Mila Dietrich.
At the same time producer and DJ,
she likes to experiment with original configurations in her studio, and live, mixing different musical styles together.
She takes her inspiration from the cold wave,
the EBM, the minimal and the trance prog.
His tracks tell psychedelic stories with always a touch of dark and a lot of groove ...
Mila is also half of the Siamese Society duo.
His "Whatever" track was released in 2017 and was chosen for L'Oréal's next world TV ad, Matte Addiction.