Mustang • 08 Juin 19 • Lisbonne-New York-Paris •

8 Jun 2019 18:00
→ 9 Jun 2019 06:00
Mercredi Production, WRECKEDnyc, Mustang_party, à la folie paris
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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Mustang_party • June 08 •
Ryan Smith & Ron Like Hell (WRECKEDnyc)
Photonz & Ketia (Lisbon mina)
E for Ears & ɡrāv Jōnz (Paris)
Frederic Djaaleb

Ride the stallion for a brand new rodeo.
An evening that smells of nightclub poppers, the hot skai of a car that cruises near the periphery, and the sap that rises in the linden trees and boys of a public garden in La Villette. Folly is more than ever this big red house as desire, for a gay gay gay proposal, both open to all and as tight as its line-ups.

First wild ride on Saturday, June 8, during the festival Villette sonique which will be the Folly in some way the LGBT scene for a weekend.
The program is heavy and traveler: seven DJs, three b2b, three collectives, three countries, two continents, and this is only the first step of a monthly world tour where Mustang will give pride to queer scenes.

WRECKEDnyc - New York
Ryan Smith & Ron Like Hell DJ
The comrades are two of the artisans of the revival of the gay undergound in New York, this exciting scene where the music is as hot as the clubbers, and the open mind and curious. The Black Madonna, Discodromo and Midland featured on the line-ups of their newly-established evening at Basement in Queens. Their European tour brings them a few days after Mustang to the already cult and 100% queer Whole Festival near Leipzig.
Four hours over eleven set hours recorded at Amore's Cocktail:

mina - Lisbon
Photonz & ketia
The Mina collective has managed in a few years to create a bubble in Lisbon, protected from both heteronormativity and gentrification. This liberating and determined bubble today spreads its beats and its vision across Europe.
Co-founder of Mina with Violet, Marum and Viegas, Photonz is also a producer and DJ appreciated and followed, worthy heir to the Portuguese rave scene. He will be accompanied by Ketia, another resident of Mina.

The most recent Mina boilerroom:

E for Ears & ɡrāv Jōnz - Paris
Those who know them love them, those who do not know them still seek. Their sets draw strength and grace in the dance music of yesterday and today. We have been able to hear them many times after the Menergy at the Gibus or the Péripate.

Apéro before: Frederic Djaaleb
One of the men who has made house and techno music on this side of the Atlantic from the earliest times, accompanying, among other heroic achievements, the careers of Jeff Mills, Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin.

Mustang is also the spring hedonism: the garden until midnight, and the large terrace on the first floor open all night, pleasant as a caress of wind at the exit of a sauna.

Graphics: Benjamin Wilkerson Tousley (Ben Tousley)
Photos: Christopher Sherman

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to the madness paris
26 Corentin Cariou Avenue
Paris - 19
(At the entrance to La Villette Park, Cité des Sciences side)
Metro + Tram: Porte de la Villette, Corentin Cariou