Nos armes à deux balles / Lecture & Poésie

23 Feb 2019 19:00
→ 23 Feb 2019 22:00
Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche, Les éditions douteuses
Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche
6 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie - Paris
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Lucas Ottin (Saint Etienne) and Marguerin Le Louvier (Lyon) are two authors of poetic and political texts that address each and in their own way the theme of masculinities. They found themselves with the desire for a tour of public readings and writing workshops, in order to build on their route a new poetic arsenal of "disarmament of masculinity".
Paris is their last stop after a journey from south-west to north!

OUR TWO-BALL WEAPONS is a two-voice reading that explores the theme of masculinities, whether dominant or alternative, of virilism and male domination. Texts that delve into memories, encounters or lies, in order to make visible the pitfalls by which the sexual order and the domination of women by men are perpetuated.

What is a man?
Can we refuse to be a man?
How to stop being a man?
When are the fags not men and when are they?

Texts with tense poetry, sometimes raw, which directly address our relationship to social and sexual norms, sending a big kick in the imaginary virilists and straight.

Reading followed by a meeting with the authors around a distro.