Nos nuits saturnides // Queens

18 Oct 2020 17:30
→ 18 Oct 2020 18:45
Festival Everybody's Perfect
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🤩 Screening with 2 films (Queens, followed by Our Saturnid Nights)

Oct. 17 - Followed by the round table "Current queer scenes"
⭐️ With a musical performance by Grand Soir and Diamanda Callas

Oct. 18 - Followed by a discussion with the directors

Youssef Youssef
Fiction - 2019
The night trip of a group of drag queens in Geneva:
a fiction between realism and poetry which features people playing their own role. Led by a festive spirit,
this achievement takes a critical look at the identities of
queer performers.
She intelligently questions the possibility of being free and in
safety in public space, when displaying a genre that
transcends the traditional categories of "feminine" and

Selected at Visions du Réel

Our saturnid nights /
Matthieu foucher
Documentary - 2020
Emmanuel is living his dream: to run a club for those who
look alike. A space where moths and butterflies can
take over the stage and invent their own culture, guided by
their only imagination. A club of your own, l'Oeil, where flirtations, cabaret
and endless parties mingle with politics and demands
management of a nightclub. How to adjust a balance between
revolutionary queer ideals and financial sustainability
in the bourgeois district of Saint-Anne in Paris?
This documentary in immersion and without interviews makes us
share 24 hours behind the scenes and the stage of a club
queer 2020s.