Open Air @Heat : Baston Hors Les Murs - Episode 1

17 Aug 2019 16:00
→ 17 Aug 2019 23:00
Baston, HEAT Lyon
70 quai perrache - Lyon
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While the BB Quarantine (69005 REPRESENT <3) is in hibernation, Baston could not help but go elsewhere if we were there.
First Baston Hors Les Murs since the creation of the Boat Concrete, it is HEAT Lyon which invites us in its nuptial layer to be accomodated to make full of junk between two orgies of exquisite food.
For this edition Openair Canicule, we bring together the finest family to niche the game and do what we do best: dance, play, flirt and FOUTRE THE BORDELLO course.
At the platoches, you find our resident of the <3 AKA Dream of Road with its sounds Pop-Pute, Disco-Conne, France-Key or Desperately-House. He will be accompanied by our brother forever: AUBRY. Faithful to the eternal, the little Prince of Forgive us, founder of the evening LA SALE! has a habit of igniting his audience as a spontaneous combustion. His intellectual & brutal Music is just as delicious as his communicative energy ... Watch out for Nitroglycerin Sound, it's going to fart! <3
Hildegard of the tumultuous and passionate team Fauchage Collective will come to deliver you from your taboos and societal barriers with a performative live that debind everything in its path. Experimental, ambient, rich visuals, bewitching & catchy, HILDEGARDE is one of the jewels of our French scene still too rare. A performance as technical as visual sprinkled with a charisma to cut you off! HURRY!
To distract your eyes, the ultra trash-vulgos version of Grandma Yeta, I named Clothilde & the other founder of Baston, Roux De Secours will animate our now famous BINJO CON or you can win completely stupid gifts and Funny love in abundance.
BE READY .. OR NOT. Anyway, we arrive! <3 ----------------------------
<3 LINE UP <3
➤ 16:00 - 19:30 // Aubry B2B Pavement Dream
➤ 19:30 - 21:00 // BINGO! By Roux Of Relief & Clothilde
➤ 21:00 - 21:30 // LIVE - PERFORMANCE - Hildegarde (Collective Chopping, Paris)
➤ 21:30 - 23:00 // Aubry B2B Pavement Dream
4 food containers in continuous service
Our bar to quench your thirst with your favorite drinks: iced tea or lemonade, 1664 France soft blond and the Cointreau summer cocktails.
70 perched pier
Lyon 02 - FRANCE
🚍 Bus relay tramway, from Debourg or Perrache
🚍 S1 (Regional Hotel)
🚍 Bus C10, bus 15, bus C7 (Confluence Museum)
🚲 Velov station '2005 Hotel de Région or Confluence (5 minutes walk)
#halleamanger #heatlyon
Free entry !