PRIDE 2020

4 Jul 2020 16:00
→ 4 Jul 2020 22:00
Place Pigalle
Place Pigalle - Paris
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This event may have been cancelled. Please check the event on Facebook and the discussion tab of this event. Thank you.


We, dykes, bi · e · s, trans, fagots, intersex call to demonstrate this Saturday July 4th.

Our communities have been badly affected by the COVID crisis and confinement, the first victims of which have been large among us who are the most precarious: racialized queer people, and / or TDS and / or HIV and / or disabled and / or poor and / or from the working classes, with or without papers.
In this context of ever-increasing inequalities, which is part of a long history of white and patriarchal oppression but also in the exploitative, precarious and repressive policy led by the government, we want to unite our struggles to proclaim our pride. and brandish our anger.
Despite the instrumentalization of the health crisis by governments to silence social protest, anti-racist demonstrations against police violence are taking place around the world.
We call on our communities to participate in this movement, in which many of us are already participating as people affected by racist violence or in solidarity.
Faced with racist, social, LGBTIphobic and misogynist violence, we claim our rights to an existence free from the patriarchal oppression that kills us, mistreats us, psychiatrists us, rapes us, expels us, mutilates us, exploits us and silences us.

This event is above all made available to wrestling collectives and individuals so that everyone can shout their pride and bring their claims. You are invited to take it, this day will be what we do collectively. The collectives and people present will therefore be able to organize themselves both in terms of health and for the order service. Faced with the pandemic and repression, it is everyone's responsibility to get involved for the proper functioning of the demonstration and the protection of those present.

Open call for signatures.

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DJ GURU at the head of the procession!
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Signatories and Associations:

343 racialized
Acceptess Transgender
Act Up-Paris
Queer VNR Great Meetings
LGBTQl Archives Collective
The Beard-feminist action group
Barbi (e) turix
Red Hood and Black Hood
Censored Magazine
CLAQ - Queer Liberation and Autonomy Committee
Autistic Key
LGBT + corner
Existransinter Collective
Collective Irrecupérables
Collective Revolutionary Feminists
Afrofeminist splicers
Les Colleuses The street is to Whores
Convent of the 69 Gauls
Convent of Paname - Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Paris offset
The degummers
Diivineslgbtqi + Visibility Representativities Afro Caribbean
Wife Trans Gang
Friction Magazine
Garces Science Po on Wheels
Gouinement Monday
Bookshop Les Mots À La Bouche
Manifesto XXI
Glitter Hands
Lesbotruck +
A Thousand and One Queer New collective of immigrant queer feminists
The Mutiny
MWASI - Collectif Afrofeministe
Official Nta Rajel Decolonial feminist collective of the North African diaspora
Pia Pia media association
QTPOC Autonomes Paris
Queer Education
Saint-Denis Ville In the Heart
Under Girls' Shorts
Collectiveesamef 芝麻 社
Sexy Concerns
Sorore Ensemble
Rhinestones - Sex Work Union
Youth For Climate