20 Jul 2019 23:59
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Hot event’s, Fierté Montpellier Pride, Pz City Club, DJ Cyril M
Pz City Club
4 Quai du Verdanson - Montpellier
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The PZ CITY CLUB and the Hot events agency are pleased to invite you on July 20th to the second PRIDE NIGHT EDITION in order to properly close THE GAY PRIDE 2019 MARKET.

Indeed DES Midnight, the temple of Montpellier undergroud nights opens its doors to a festive musical introduction thanks to DUO BARTOK / CANADAS residents RADIO AVIVA and darlings of the underground public. before giving way to our INTERNATIONAL GUEST Nakadia that we do not present you so much her talent, her beauty and her kindness make her the poppy of the underground ... for our pleasure and yours she decided to come back for a second edition that already promises to be UNFORGETABLE !!!

icing on the cake the talented DJ Cyril M will also be part of, a regular, multi-faceted artist whose musical selection has never disappointed us and who will transport us in his artistic universe acidulated.

while on the floor you have an appointment with the infamous duo MISS Creamy and Lady Torguella Official for an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS immersion in their zany universe filled with sequins, scathing replicas and a musical selection POP AND COLORED which has already seduced the french Riviera and the Phocean city ... MONTPELLIER TE VOILA PREVIOUS !!!

If you also want to spend a wonderful evening downtown in a good-natured atmosphere on a musical selection ULTRA HAPPY while helping the cause LGBT (A PART OF THE BENEFITS ARE REVERSE PRIDE PRIDE MONTPELLIER to lead the fight against inequality and social injustice throughout the year) CLICK DOWN AND THINK TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.

---- Nakadia ----

A powerful Thai who provoked a techno revolution in her country, then seduced Berlin, Ibiza and all corners of the world scene. A leading artist who electrifies dancefloors with her infectious energy, her impeccable mix and uncompromising selection of percussive grooves. Incommensurably talented, self-taught, infectiously passionate, internationally praised, this is Nakadia, one of the most fashionable female DJs of the moment. Nakadia has been holding her steadfast energy since childhood, while growing up in Isaan - in the Thai countryside. Various jobs led her to a first trip to Europe in 2002 where she met Techno. She devotes herself to finding her sound. Concerts on the island of Koh Samui launched it on the international level very quickly. Creating a techno without any direction, in a country marked only by the mainstream, she was the pioneer of the rise of the underground in Thailand, simultaneously conquering the rest of the world. Nakadia has pinned more than 60 countries to her concert list, playing nearly 1,500 performances to date. She magnetized the legendary "Watergate" Berlin, "The Egg" London, "B018" Beirut, "Rex" Paris - just to name a few. After being discovered during a performance at "Sankeys" Ibiza 2013, she was invited to join the "ANTS" family by its founder Yann Pissenem .. Only a few months after joining "ANTS", Nakadia welcomes the legendary Sven Väth on the beach of Koh Samui. This event was the beginning of a great collaboration and has become an annual highlight of the calendar of clubs in Asia.
From the sweet Asian behind the turntables to a world-renowned artist, from dark clubs to massive festivals, from Asia to Europe - Nakadia leads her career step by step from one level to another, and this is than a beginning.

---- DJ Cyril M ----


---- BARTOK b2b CANADAS ----



---- MISS Creamy Hosted by Lady Official Torguella

---- PRICES ----

On the spot 15 €
Early 10 €


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