Pardonnez-nous pour la gêne occasionnée le quinze mars.

15 Mar 2019 23:00
→ 16 Mar 2019 07:00
Pardonnez-nous, La Station - Gare des Mines
La Station - Gare des Mines
29 avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers - Paris
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Listen to people what we will do is we will leave on a beaded evening, so I suggest you take a step out of two and prepare your tickets well in advance.

In case of problems of routing of the personnel and the djs navigating, competition of clappers.
In case of discomfort traveler, triangle sandwich.
In case of animal on the way, mechoui.

We forget to compost the tickets to enjoin our friends the controllers, in presale it's twice as much fun. Click clack huuum.

On the musical level, surprise, but there will live lives "electronic music", djs who come from the country of Brexit Levant, djs who come from Paris, entertainment and decor competing with the interior of a Ouigo .

Anyway you will not worry
If we reach heaven, it's a hell of a train

Forgive us for the inconvenience caused on March 15th


23:00 - 07:00
dance music
secret guest (s)
dress code: car bar, Hassan Cehef, midi controller
9th in advance / 10 on the spot before midnight / 12 after
29, avenue of the Porte d'Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris
Access & map:

Station - Gare des Mines is presented by the MU Collective as part of Temporary Artistic Sites, a transient urban planning initiative initiated by SNCF Immobilier.