Pavillon d'été Queer by la Bordelle !

17 Aug 2019 12:00
→ 18 Aug 2019 01:00
MÂÂ, B'Life, Bordelle, Association Interlude Bordeaux, L'Orangeade, Liberté Bordeaux 2019, Eté métropolitain
Quai Deschamps, 33100 Bordeaux, France
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The Summer Pavilion will be adorned with its most beautiful rainbow colors by inviting the collective queer Bordelle to take possession of the premises from 18h!

Bordelle, the collective of to queer resulting from the festive and cultural militancy of Bordeaux and elsewhere (!) Whose chariot during the last Pride left traces and glitter! In addition to Queeriser the room of the large park, we can find the Bordelle Tencha, IBOAT, Void, BT59 ...

For the occasion, La Bordelle invited two dj from Paris:

*** Barbara Butch ***: Militant queer and queen of Parisian nights (Rosa Bonheur, Mutiny, Wet for Me ...), mixture of commitment and celebration!

*** Bosco Noire ***: DJ / Performer of the Bragi Pufferfish crew based in Paris. He offers powerful House prog sets, starring nuggets and precious remixes!

La Bordelle has finally called on her friends forever drag House Eclose for a show of madness!
*** Eclose House ***: The first Maison Drag de Bordeaux gathering four creatures who convey in their interventions a wave of love and benevolence to their audience.

.................................................. .................................................. .........
From July 5 to August 31, find, every Friday and Saturday, the PAVILION OF SUMMER, ephemeral village, wild and tropical, imagined by the collective L'Orangeade
2 months of musical and culinary journey
18 dates to dance in front of artists from here, but especially from elsewhere
Summer to fulfill all your desires

🏡 All afternoon enjoy free access, entertainment, games and activities for all ages
🍴 MÂ, At Ektor, Lichen
😀 free, credit card accepted, bottle prohibited, picnic accepted

→ Wellness massage & care
Free participation
→ Reading of stories by the association Lire et Faire Lire Gironde
Lire et faire lire is a program for the development of the pleasure of reading and mastering the language, which contributes to the promotion of children's literature and to the discovery of our literary heritage by creating an intergenerational exchange designed to promote the encounter and dialogue between children and retired people who read to them.
- from 2 years - free - 15h18h
→ B'Life juice bar
→ Coffee shop Lichen

They will be present every Saturday and free access:
→ Giant wooden games Association Interlude Bordeaux
→ A ping-pong table, a football table, Molkky and badminton courts.

Parc aux Angéliques, Quai Deschamps
This place is a corner of paradise, thank you to respect it (by throwing your garbage in bins and not degrading the plants present).

Bus (10, 27, 28, 38, 45, 50, 62, 80, 91, 92)
Tram A (Stalingrad stop) - 7 min walk

Designed by the collective L'Orangeade, Pavillon d'été is a space of escape, meeting and discovery.
The association, with 5 years of programming wishes through this offer contribute to the attractiveness of the city, boost the territory and give pride to the artistic fabric, associative and local culinary, while discovering, as well as metropolitan as tourists, artists never yet or very little programmed in Bordeaux.

We would like to thank all our partners for making this project possible, Mairie de Bordeaux, Metropolitan Summer, Aremacs Sud-Ouest, Fury Vox, La Cave a Titoune, Lillet, MIRA Brewery, ChariTea, Pull-In Concept Store Bordeaux .
Thanks also to our media partners: Nova Bordeaux / Agen & Mixmag.

We also remind you that alcohol, drunk in excess, is dangerous for your health, so be careful to yourself and your friends!

Illustration: Adrien Demont
Logo: Julien Roques

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