Permanence mensuelle à Bruxelles

6 Dec 2018 18:30
→ 6 Dec 2018 22:30
Rue Marché au Charbon 42 - Brussels
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The monthly permanence of Genres Pluriels is a friendly and respectful moment in the framework of the associative bar of the Maison Arc-en-ciel in Brussels.
Come for a relaxing drink!
* The permanence is open to all.
We are very attentive to the privacy of everyone.
No cameras or recordings are allowed.
* And of course, there is a specific and kind welcome for people who:
- ask questions about fluids / intersexuals
- want to talk to someone about their experience
- wish to share their experience
- also open to parents, friends, etc. who also ask questions
During the permanence, reference persons welcome you and offer you the possibility of a first psychosocial reception or the taking of an appointment later. These people will ensure a climate of security.