Powerpouf/Pyjama Party

23 Nov 2019 23:55
→ 24 Nov 2019 05:30
Le Klub, Powerpouf
Le Klub
14, rue St Denis - Paris
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Wake up the girlfriends, we return the Klub upside down, tonight is Pajama Party! We take out her nightie, we put her hair on, we bring her blanket, put yourself well, we take care of the sound and bonbecs!

Babouchka Babouche will spin the microphone for Karaopouf (if she wants to let go), and will certainly sing some ditty to help you dream ... all that immortalized by the camera Arthur Crestani, a regular in the satin shinance ^^

A Pajama Party would not be successful without the queens of the Playlist, Jean Rémi and Reno bring back their best CD 2 tracks and chained chorés in their most beautiful toggle!

5 € before 00h, 10 € after, 7 € (+ expenses of loc) in presale: https://www.yesgolive.com/le-klub/powerpoufpyjama-party
Cash only at the cash desk.
The Klub, 14 rue Saint Denis, Paris 1,
metro Châtelet, City Hall.
LGBTQIAP ++ evening, if you do not feel concerned, avoid us ♥

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