Pride De Nuit non-mixte Trans BiEs Pédés Gouines Inters

16 May 2019 20:00
Marche de Nuit Lgbtqi Toulouse
Toulouse, France
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Our pride is political: shemale trans double dyed on the offensive!

This year it's been 50 years since Marsha P. Johnson laid the first stone against the cops in Stonewall, marking his determination to end the harassment and criminalization of our communities. This year it's been 50 years since the riots broke out, 50 years we do not want to be polite and well integrated. 50 years we see the pride depoliticize We can no longer your "tolerance", your rights dropped at a drip, your guilty hypocrisy! No, struggles are not just past, and we still have so much to win for ourselves and for ourselves.

In recent times we are witnessing a real backlash against our communities and a reactionary, oppressive and lethal policy development in many countries. We die again, in 2019, because we are trans, queer, bisexual, dyke or inter. In the United States, Brazil, Chechnya, France and elsewhere, our rights are not guaranteed, our very existence is endangered by successive governments. And even when they pretend to care about our rights, as for example in Israel, it is very often a strategy of pinkwashing to make forget their policy also racist and colonialist.

In France, even if the situation has improved in 50 years, LGBTI-phobias are still very much in everyday life. This has been well remembered recently with the strong resurgence of LGBTI-phobic groups and the massive spread of their word, which has also pushed back the progress of our rights. This has concrete consequences for our lives, and especially for our health. While many associations play the game of various governments, yielding to their sirens safe, we affirm it loud and clear: the fight against LGBTI-phobias can not be only repressive! It goes through the organization of the people concerned, through education, by stopping state discrimination, stopping racist policies and austerity! To mobilize and fight against LGBTI-phobias is to mobilize on all these struggles!

Today, the Pride March, when it is supposed to commemorate a series of riots against police violence, has become a consumerist fair and a place of electoral recuperation of our struggles, with the presence of institutional political parties and even of cop associations! We also see our self-proclaimed representatives seize our history and empty it of all substance to make it socially acceptable to the white bourgeoisie and the general public. We do not want to be the "good image"!

Because the struggles of yesterday, today and tomorrow we
belong: let's remember Stonewall.

Because our identities and our lives are political, because we refuse to be silent, to be instrumentalised, because we are united, proud, venerated and we will never let ourselves be, then we call you to join us for a political pride and without concessions, on 16 May 2019 at 8 pm place Belfort

Why in non-mixed?

This year, we decided to remake the Pride of night in non-mixed TBPGI *

Because we thought it was important to be together in the street, at night, without the presence of our allies, just us. Feel our strength and also show it.

Because we think that the non-mixed is a necessary tool at times.

Because we realized that we have very few spaces in total non-mixed TBPGI and that it is
all the more relevant to create one that is visible and not festive.

Because we want to do good and have fun, even if it is to be a little fewer · es · s.

Because we are sure that our allies understand and support our need to exist for ourselves and for ourselves.
Because finally we think that asserting this non-mixed is an important political position without wanting to play the police of manners within the procession.
* Trans BiEs Pissed Daughters Intersex "

Walk supported by individuals, Act Up Southwest, Asamblea Feminista Nati Yarza, CGA Toulouse, Intersex and Allied Collective - OII France, Clar-T / I, CNT 31 - Toulouse, Grisélidis Association, Jeko Toulouse, Youth Antifascist Toulouse and Surroundings, OCML VP, Pink Block Roller Derby, Rash Tolosa, Union Antifasciste Toulousaine, UET - Union of Students of Toulouse, Wonder Sisters

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