Provocative Women For Music - Summerclub n°4

6 Sep 2019 21:00
→ 7 Sep 2019 07:00
Azamat B., EKLPX, BEL AIR Sounds, PWFM, MOTH, F/cken Chipotle, Digital Fracass, Maison Close Records, ENTER, HIPPØ, LaPlage de Glazart, Wlderz, Sneaky Sneaky, Alys, Jasmine Azarian, Heeboo, La Quarantaine, DIE KLAR
LaPlage de Glazart
7/15 avenue Porte de la Villette - Paris
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<3 Free entry before midnight by clicking on enter and writing his name on the event. 1 name = 1 post <3


They are DJs, journalists, artistic directors, visual creators, and have so many other hats. They are remaking the world of electronic music, and so of the French night for several years, constantly demonstrating commitment and willingness to add their stone to a building particularly composed of men.
In the era of #metoo, where different cultural backgrounds, and more broadly societal, are impacted by a glaring lack of consideration of our current muses, we wanted to propose to 6 women to choose their masculine namesake for a long time. night, oscillating between visual arts, house, techno, with that rave touch that suits us so well.
It is not a question here of claiming a 100% feminine event, whereas music is only sharing and pleasure, we simply wanted to leave the keys of the LaPlage houses of Glazart and PWFM to these passionate women with whom he is essential to compose the future.

1 night, 12 artists, 6 women, 6 men, several tons of sand and other surprises to come <3


🙋🏼 Alys (RaveAge SoundSystem, Digital Fracass)
invites Cyril Wlderz (Skryptöm, Newtrack, Jam)

🙋🏼 Anais Leszcynska (Rinse France)
invites Azamat B. (Rinse France)

🙋🏼 EKLPX (Quarantine)
invites HIPPØ (Quarantine)

🙋🏼 F / cken Chipotle (Barbi tureak, Sneaky Sneaky, Heeboo)
invites DIE KLAR (The Darude, BEL AIR Sounds)

🙋🏼 Jasmine Azarian (Raise Booking)
invites MOTH (House Close Records)


🙋🏼 VJ Bonnie (PWFM, ENTER)
invites Maz

Following various assaults, whether in club or in everyday life, we give you the floor!
Working in music or not, you and we have all suffered sooner or later physical aggression, cashed in inappropriate reflections, encountered obstacles due to our gender, sexual orientation, etc ...
That's why we want to collect your testimonials, experiences and opinions under the dedicated post, by MP or email to broadcast from time to time on the big screen that will be installed on the scene.
Obviously, they will be broadcast anonymously, may be shortened depending on the length and will not be used for another purpose.
Remember that this event is above all musical, festive. However, if it is possible to awaken some consciences and mentalities, we will do it because it is our duty to all.
And we do not give up on prospects for a safer and more respectful world ✨

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➽ With presales
Ticketing link: TBA
All night: 8 €

➽ On site:
Before midnight: free by writing his name on the wall of the event and clicking on participate
After midnight: 14 €


For any partnership request, please send an email to


The Glazart Beach
7-15 avenue de la Porte de la Villette
75019 Paris
Metro Porte de la Villette (line 7)
Tram Porte de la Villette (3b)

🖍 Graphics by Theo Baize 🖍


Forbidden to minors
The management reserves the right of entry.
An ID will be required.