Queer Psychanalyse / Fabrice Bourlez + Guests

24 Jan 2019 20:00
→ 24 Jan 2019 22:00
Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche
Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche
6 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie - Paris
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Meeting with Fabrice Bourlez, Fabian Faijn Waks and Stella Harisson around the book "Queer Psychoanalysis: Minor Clinic and Deconstruction of Gender"

The book: The aim of gender theories and queer ideologies is both theoretical and ethical: to make more lives livable. At the time of the triumph of cognitive-behavioral therapies and profound transformations of the family, can psychoanalysts use these advances to reinvent a psychoanalysis after Oedipus? To ask this question is to ask how and why the work of Judith Butler, Teresa De Lauretis, Gayle Rubin, Paul B. Preciado and a multitude of other theoreticians, has de-made psychoanalysis. It is offering concrete ways to return to formulas and clinical evidence sometimes too quickly taken for granted. It is resituating analytic praxis at the crossroads of theory, clinic and politics. In return, it is to put the concepts of queer face the impossible task that animates the analyst, confronting them with the singular reality that prevails in each cure. It is not therefore a question of transforming the practice into philosophy or of making de-constructions of the clinical kind, but of demonstrating the utility of one and the acuteness of the other.

On our website: https://motsbouche.com/livres-lesbiens/27710-queer-psychanalyse-clinique-mineure-et-deconstruction-de-genre.html