Queer Station #6 w/ ROOM 4 RESiSTANCE + Crystallmess

2 Feb 2019 23:00
→ 3 Feb 2019 07:00
La Station - Gare des Mines
29 avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers - Paris
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◐ Polychrome & La Station - Gare des Mines present:

Queer Station # 6 w / ROOM 4 RESiSTANCE + Crystallmess

◐ The summer is over, the cold has replaced our acidic sweats and The Station continues to lead the boat on the night landscape of all Paris ... February 2019 also marks the great return of the Queer Station # 6!

◐ On the periphery, there are wonders in the back of the kidneys and the neighbors on the landing, striped or looped hair whipping the air in a spiral, precarious balance in the ear, on the anvil a hammer very regular, with exquisite Goat riots resemble the ball of the body of capitons.
If it is the drooling balloon balloons that excites you, here is the great happiness asthmatic!

◐ Do not worry, strolling, even without a guardrail, finally leads ... elsewhere.

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Room 4 Resistance is a Berlin-based, queer, non-binary militant feminist collective whose main mission is to empower our communities through the creation of "safer space", as well as through the promotion of electronic artists. little or no representation.

R4R highlights the political aspects of the dance floor by organizing parties at Trauma Bar und Kino; gives voice to women artists, queers, non-binary, trans, racis.es, also through conferences and workshops, - and then seeks to create bridges - both porous and solid - between our different communities.

It is therefore, for us, an honor surrounded by a great pleasure to welcome two of their founding members.rices and actives.ves!


↪ Deep Techno / Experimental / Electro
- Berlin
Belgian DJ, Luz - dj founded Room 4 Resistance. Organizing events, conferences of workshops, evenings within the collective, he also hosts an eponymous monthly show alongside Doc Sleep on Radio Quantica.
In addition to playing all over Europe - at the Panorama Bar, the Tresor and the: // about-blank in Berlin, at De School in Amsterdam, at Golden Pudel in Hamburg - and after a first visit to the Station last August, LUZ will once again vibrate the anchors of the Gare des Mines for our greatest pleasure!

◇ bit.ly/2VjbwZ8 ◇

↪ Ghetto House
- Berlin
Born in Florida, DJ Occult is very focused on the "booty" - musically speaking: ghetto house, ghettotech, booty bass ... - genres too known for their objectification of women - OCCULT is reappropriating this terminology. Its mission is to offer a dance floor free from misogyny, without judgment and predatory vibrations. Limitless booty shake for everyone!

◇ bit.ly/2MkKHjr ◇

+ AN INCREDIBLE SURPRISE GUEST will be unveiled at D - 5! You will not be disappointed ... Stay tuned, witches!

↪ Techno / Ghetto House
- Paris
Crystallmess is a multidisciplinary artist with a thousand and one projects as exciting and necessary as each other.
DJ and producer, she released her first EP "Mere Noises" last December. Other news, she runs for a week the famous #NovaGrandMixClub, and just got a residence at the legendary NTS Radio. She describes her music as "frank, esoteric and generous" (Heeboo) whose beats are marked by the techno of Detroit, zouk, coupé-décalé, kompa.
An artist and visual artist, Crystallmess, aka Christelle Oyiri, presented this summer at the Afrocyberféminismes # 6 festival at La Gaîté Lyrique, Collectif Amnesia: In Memory Of Logobi, which is a performance combining video, D3 and DJing - interested in history deliberately forgotten logobi. Regularly associated with Afrofuturism, it claims to be "hood futurism".


↪ Techno, EBM
- Berlin
DUSTY IDOLS is the dancefloor project for the boss of the Berlin cassette label Detriti Records. While her outings are more oriented cold-wave, Davide Lace masters a very dancing music, with a still dark and messy bottom. The three albums released on Detriti reveal its main influences: New Beat, EBM and Techno.
For the occasion, DUSTY IDOLS will play for the first time new songs!

◇ bit.ly/2ser974 ◇

↪ Techno
- Paris
Electric duo composed of Dallas and Dimitri Riviere Basket, CD-DR draws a mental techno, haunting and radical. Both animate on Station Station the monthly CD-DR where it.elements the news and the course of artists such as Illnurse, PVNV, Miley Serious or AZF ...

Their mixtape on Station Station ☞ bit.ly/2CU3sal

◇ bit.ly/2FzvqK9 ◇

↪ Tutti fruity
- Paris
Crypt Front is a disembodied project, stashed under his creature costume, it will deliver us his musical impulses for a set of weird electro waves and other discoveries well to iel, perfect to put in leg

◇ bit.ly/2Tz3WrO ◇

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Saturday, February 2, 2019, 11 pm - 7 am
PREVENTES OUT OF TIME! Always 9 euros before midnight
12 euros after 🔥

Station - Gare des Mines
29 Avenue of the Porte d'Aubervilliers
75018 Paris

☞ Institution accessible to people with reduced mobility
Map and access: http://lastation.paris/infos-pratiques

Station - Gare des Mines is presented by the MU Collective as part of Temporary Artistic Sites, a transient urban planning initiative initiated by SNCF Immobilier.

With the support of the Île-de-France Region, the City of Paris, the Fondation de France and the CNV.

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♥ Infinitely Alejandro Flores Mora for artwork ♥
Stay tuned because other glittery & wetty videos will follow to make you salivate until February 2nd!
↪ + A long and explicit version will be projected during the event. GET READY!


Well Well Well │ Trax Magazine │ Heetch / Heeboo │ Friction Magazine │ Field Wave

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☽ Polychrome ☽

Intempestif.ve, window on body, table of dissection of stereotypes, palette of counter-cultures, Polychrome is a queer feminist militant collective proposing events (conferences, workshops, projections, visits of exhibitions, evenings, etc.) around representations bodies, desires and genres.
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➳ Respect for the physical and emotional limits of each person
➳ In other words, no racist, sexist, transphobic, classist, validist, putophobic or grossophobic behavior is tolerated!

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