Queer Zine Fair

23 Mar 2019 10:00
→ 23 Mar 2019 18:00
Queer Week
Le Hangart
63 quai de Seine Paris 19 - Paris
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Queer Week's Zine Fair returns for its anniversary edition 🎂🎂

"But what is a Zine Fair, for those of the bottom who did not come last year (bouh 😥bouh 😥bouh)?
🧐A Zine Fair is a kind of salon, in which artists, creators, authors, tattooers and independent publishers have a stand-type space on which to exhibit their creations.

☀️Queer Zine Fair's goal is to amplify dissenting & marginalized voices in the micro-publishing community. During a day of meetings mingle speeches, Zines, works, clothes and other a-typical creations. The idea of this event is to make visible initiatives that meet a certain definition of Queer, in a DIY spirit.

Decoupage, collages, sympathetic or unsympathetic, zine culture with its artisanal and collaborative nature is an inventive, critical and in-situ expression of our representations and our imaginations to which Queer Week wishes to give visibility.


Practical info 📌
Wheelchair accessible
Free entry

This event is a program of the Queer Week 2019: March 15 to 23. Queer Week is a week of reflection around the diversity of genres, bodies and sexualities.