Queervention rôliste Rennes 2019

31 Aug 2019 11:00
→ 1 Sep 2019 18:00
Le Temple du jeu Rennes, Iskis, centre Lgbti+ de Rennes, L'Heure du Jeu
Iskis, centre Lgbti+ de Rennes
6 rue Saint Martin - Rennes
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Queervention is a role play and platform convention, explicitly open to all, and organized in a LGBTI + center (Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender and Intersex)!

The stated goal is to set up an event around the game in which one does not presume anything about the life, the genre or the loves of the participants. As with any convention, no entry questionnaire, everyone can participate! The company sticks enough labels so that we want to add more.

Who knows, maybe the LGBTI + center's framework can influence the stories we will tell together, and let them go off the beaten track? Maybe it can allow new people to play, without fear of judgment, without feeling excluded?

The weekend of August 31, from Saturday at 11 am, join us in our new premises at 6 rue Saint Martin, Rennes. Whether it is to discover our passion or to be able to practice it again, we invite you in a framework at once friendly, benevolent and non-judgmental, where we emphasize the importance of the consent and the respect of others.

It will be possible to freely donate to the association to support the event.
Free participation, open to all.

Program :
Saturday, August 31
11:00 am: reception of the public, last inscriptions of games by the GMs
12 noon: player registration on the games // meal at sandwich held by Iskis
1 pm: afternoon games and board games hosted by Terre de Jeux
18:00: registration evening parties // meal at the sandwich shop held by Iskis
8 pm: evening parties

Sunday September 1st
11:30 am - 12:30 pm: reception of the public, inscriptions on the games by the players
12: 00-1: 30 pm: meal at the sandwich shop held by Iskis
1:30 pm: afternoon games and board games animated by L'Heure du Jeu
6 pm: end of the event

MJ Registrations: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScaPdMXPhhcc-sP9hSG-Z6tgcPTeKU6uYNGl6WIk_khFR1Vlg/viewform
List of parts:
Player pre-registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgv6OlgK6Gx0lHxGVjOMlhYorbDx5OueXjsiU4-O9fuo3ITA/viewform