Quel racisme dans nos milieux queers féministes ?

21 Mar 2019 18:00
→ 21 Mar 2019 22:00
Queer Week
21 ter rue Voltaire - Paris
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What racism in our queer feminist circles? - Discussion

Let's talk about it, ask questions, let's say things, exchange.
As part of Queer Week, we are organizing a roundtable to talk about racism in queer, GPT and feminist circles.

Share and question our experiences, those of queer and racialized people who, in addition to living a double system of oppressions, face stigma and discrimination within an environment that generally claims anti-racism. We were particularly motivated to organize an event around these issues because of the many forms of violence that we may have experienced and / or witnessed in our own communities. In addition, the context of homophobic, lesbophobic and transphobic violence has opened the door to the expression of internalized racism, often suggesting that these attacks were committed by racialized individuals. What schemas and stereotypes are still to be deconstructed? Which behaviors are implicitly taboo or excluded? What anger is "acceptable"? Which language is valued? What privileges do you need to feel legitimate in answering these questions?

It is important to specify that we wanted, for this discussion, that the word could be given to queer racis.es in their diversity. Whether one has chosen to engage in a militant struggle, in an artistic work, in daily struggles made of a repetition of micro-violence, etc., everyone has the space to express themselves in the way he wants it and with the words thatiel chooses. Too often the word is given to those who pretend to master it, delegitimizing the expression of all the others who do not have "the words", whose diction is slow or difficult, whose French is not not the mother tongue, who do not have enough militant / academic background ...

Speaker: Qitoko Collective, Khamsa Collective, Surūr Darabi, Fatma Nj, Mina Ben Ichou, Rebekah Chaillon

Practical info 📌

Free admission (120 places available)
Wheelchair accessible location

CICP - 21ter rue Voltaire, 75011
Metro n ° 9 - Rue des Boulets
Metro # 2 - Alexandre Dumas
RER A, Subway # 1-2-6-9 - Nation
Bus n ° 56 - Rue des Boulets

🍪 A mini bar will be at your disposal all along the round table to drink and nibble. You will ask the suggestions of the day to the superbartenders, able to fill three glasses of Cubi / fountain with one hand.

This event is a program of the Queer Week 2019: March 15 to 23. Queer Week is a week of reflection around the diversity of genres, bodies and sexualities.