Quinzaine des cultures LGBTI

12 Jun 2019 19:00
→ 12 Jun 2019 23:45
HES Lyon, Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon, Agir pour l'égalité, Écrans Mixtes Lyon, SOS homophobie - délégation lyonnaise, Centre LGBTI Lyon
Lyon, France
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For the 24th year, the Lesbian and Gay Pride and more than twenty Lyon associations Lesbian Gaies, Bi, Trans and Intersex and defense of human rights organize for fifteen days militant, cultural and festive events: the Fortnight of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex cultures from June 5 to 22, 2019.

The proposed meetings are varied: diversity of forms (debates, conferences, screenings, festive evenings, etc.) and themes.

Cultural, militant and festive meeting, the LGBTI Cultures Fortnight, aims to allow:
- to learn about and debate issues affecting LGBTI people;
- meet activists, philosophers, sociologists, anti-discrimination actors;
- to discover unsung films and documentaries despite their great qualities.

The whole program of the LGBTI Cultures Quinzaine:

Full program

Wednesday June 5th
Inaugural buffet
Proposed by LGP Lyon
Join the LGP Lyon team for the launch of the fifteen or so LGBTI cultures in the salons of the Hôtel de Ville
Free admission - free buffet.
Lyon Town Hall - 19 h 00
Place de la Comédie - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Saturday, June 8
BD & Manga LGBT Salon +
Proposed by LGBTI Center and LGP
As part of the LGBTI 2019 Culture Quinzaine and part of the Lyon BD Festival's IN program, the LGBTI Lyon Center and the Lesbian and Gay Pride of Lyon are pleased to invite you to the 2nd BD & Manga LGBT + Show. On the program: meetings with authors and others in dedication. An open debate on the representation of LGBT + characters in comics will take place in the afternoon as well. Free entry !
Lyon LGBTI Center / 1 pm - 7 pm
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Wednesday, June 12
Debate evening - The PREP for whom? Let's talk about it !
Proposed by Center LGBTI-LYON
Debate evening - The PREP for whom? Let's talk about it !
Lyon LGBTI Center / 8.30 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Thursday, June 13
Radioactive Ponies, rock concert
Launch of the Falling Panties 2 Brochure
Proposed by FRISSE and C2L
You're fed up with unicorns. They fart a little too much. Radioactive ponies is a rock band formed a few years ago in Villeurbanne by ponies, straight from the 1980s (generation Chernobyl). The group's repertoire consists of classic covers such as YEAH YEAH YEAHS, PJ HARVEY, PIXIES or the BEATLES. The group also has its own compositions mainly in French. The objective of the ponies is to make you move the rump with committed words and good zik.
Lyon LGBTI Center / 20 h / free price
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Public washroom finds Mrs. Arthur
Offered by the Public Laundry
The mythical creatures of the famous cabaret of the Place Pigalle land in Lyon.
For the second consecutive year, they find the Public Washroom for an exceptional show.
The incredible, playful and singing creatures set up their feathers and eccentricities to offer you a totally live musical show, taking the standards of the "belle époque" as well as revisited tubes of the moment.
The public washhouse / 20 h 30/18 €
Ticketing on lelavoirpublic.com
4 impasse des Flesselles - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Friday, June 14
Evening "aperitif Kilt"
Offered by SOS Homophobia
Kilt aperitif: a glass offered for any kilt worn at the party. DJ Yio will host the evening.
The coffee chabada - / 7 pm / free
3 rue Mercière - Lyon 2e

AVAV choir concert "Vagabondage"
The Voice and Steam Choir (AVAV) invites you to travel: Embark with us cheerfully for this concert "Vagabondage"
Lantern temple / 20 h 00
10, rue Lanterne Lyon 1er

The invitation - LGBT improvisational show
Curated by Corpus Bang Bang Improvisation Show - duration 60 min
Tonight is the night when everything rocks. Everything will be revealed. All the resentments and secrets will jump to the faces of the guests. On the proposal of the public, the secret, will be announced to the guests of this evening with friends. The guests are not aware of the announcement that will be made. Only the host, also chosen by the public, will have to announce his love meeting, his departure abroad, the adoption of a child, etc. to his guests. And there, the public becomes the witness of the reactions of the friends, the unspoken ones, the secrecies of alcoves for its greatest pleasure. With (Alternately) Tibo Astry, David Sillet, Benjamin Huet, Charlotte Volatier, Marie Bodin and Alice Rey
The Improvidence / 9:15 pm
6 Chaponnay Street, Lyon 3rd - Place Guichard

Saturday June 15th
24th LGBTI Pride March
"Faced with racism and LGBTI-phobias: let's unite! "
Departure 2 pm Place Bellecour

Associative Forum / Buvette
Come meet LGBTI associations that work every day to move society towards equality. Take the opportunity to have a drink at the beer bar for Lesbian and Gay Pride in Lyon.
Place Bellecour / 5:30 pm - 7 pm

Proposed by the Gay and Lesbian Forum of Lyon
As usual the Rue des Capucins is ours for an aperitif dancing until the end of the night!
LGBTI Center / 7 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - M ° City Hall


Every evening presented below contributes to the financing of the March and the fortnight of LGBTI Cultures. To privilege these evenings is also to support the Lesbian and Gay Pride of Lyon.

Aperopride Gay and Lesbian Forum
Aperitif in the rue des Capucins - Free admission
LGBTI Center / 7:00 pm - 1:00 am / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

The Pride bar
The only lesbian bar in Lyon gives you an appointment at the Lbar for his girls night and for the occasion we blocked you all the street program girls canons, a very very hot atmosphere and a dj of madness ...
L bar / 5:19 pm
Rue du Garet - Lyon 1st - Cordeliers

Gay Pride special party
DJ set / Barbecue / Goodies
Opera Star / 17 h
26 rue de l'Arbre Sec - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Whoelles - evening reserved for girls
APERO / TAPAS / TERASSE / DJ ELLE M will brighten your dancefloor. Who are the only Lyonnaises evenings privatized for all Women where Feminine diversity is part of a world that moves! ! !
SAPRISTI / 20 h 30 / free admission
26 rue Émile Décorps - Villeurbanne

Obscure 002
Angel Karel As a boiler room, Angel Karel will make a set in the dark with a dedicated scenography.
51 rue Saint Michel, Lyon 7th

After Party Gay Pride
DIY Livestation / 5 pm - 1 pm
14 rue de Bonald, Lyon 7th

The biggest lesbian evening in the region, in a healthy, festive, friendly and a glam, chic and LGBTI friendly. DJ Savage / DJ July Tuvi / DJ Sarah Vonko
Mojo / 20 h - 4 h / 12 €
152 rue du Docteur Bouchut - Lyon 3rd

Arm amber sexy, Pride edition
The public washroom welcomes you for a long all night that will make you sway the body. Two floors, two atmospheres to fill all the versatile Bernadette / the dare night / you will embark in technoid floods, and above: NIKKY and PEEL will intoxicate you with their sets disco / house.
Belona Club / 00 h 00/15 € in advance
84 quai Perrache - Lyon 2e

After Pride Party
Find the whole team in full, and 2 rooms 2 atmospheres with our resident artists
Imperial / 23 h - 7 h 00 /
24 rue Royale - Lyon 1er - City Hall
Special evening Gay Pride Guest DJ - 2 rooms / 2 atmospheres (electro and pop)
United Cafe / 23 h / free admission
Dead end of the fishery - Lyon 1er - Hôtel de ville

Sunday, June 16th
1000 marriages etc.
- from noon to 3 pm: live painting, visit of the place of the wedding ceremony (petits fours, cocktail ... and arrival managed by the hosts (comedians), registration for free marriages ... The marriage will be a wedding ( of course) LGBT.
- from 3 pm to 4 pm: official wedding open to all. The ceremony is managed and animated by the students in theater of the conservatory of Villeurbanne. - From 4 pm, weddings are open to everyone until 5:30 pm Group photos outside in front of the giant fresco revealed on occasion.
- From 5:30 pm: beginning of the musical programming on the big stage.
Chromatic - free entry
51 rue Saint Michel, Lyon 7th

Theater workshop representation
Proposed by The Theater Workshop
5 + 5 = 2 is the first original creation of the LGBTI Center workshop written by David Grémone. This is the story of Gaël.le and Frédéric.que: their meeting, their fears, their sexuality, their tensions and their separation. Through the couple: whether gay, lesbian or straight, we find that the life of a couple is far from a calm river
LGBTI Center / 6 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Drag show of victoria and lola
Offered by Body design lyon
Body Design Lyon presents its Drag Show under the colors LGBTI. For this second edition of Victoria Idole and David Chan you have a colorful show. On this Weekend Pride Weekend, do not miss this event. Fun, animation and many surprises await you that day.
LGBTI Center / 7 pm to 1 am / Paf for artists
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

June 17 - 30
Stonewall Exhibition
Proposed by Lesbien Lyonnais collective How was the Pride March born? Exhibition from June 17 to 30, 2019.
LGBTI Center / 7 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Monday June 17th
Prove that you are gay
Offered by 2MSG / Mixed Screens
Screening of the documentary "Prove you're gay" produced by Migrations, Minorities Sexuelles et de Genre, and directed by Rémi Lange, in partnership with Écrans Mixtes. This film presents the testimonies of four LGBTI migrants on their situation in Africa and France. It will be screened in the presence of the director and the collective. The proceeds will be donated to the members of the collective.
Cinema Opera / 20 h 00/7 € reduced price 5.5 €
6 Rue Joseph Serlin, Lyon 1er - City Hall

Tuesday 18 June
«My Child My battle, 35 years of struggle of homoparental families»
Presented by APGL, Ecrans Mixtes, SOS Homophobie Projection followed by a debate animated by the GLPA.
Cinema Opera / 20 h 00/7 € reduced price 5.5 €
6 Rue Joseph Serlin, Lyon 1er - City Hall

Wednesday, June 19th
Political debate around the slogan
Proposed by LGBTI Center
Political debate on the slogan of the 24th LGBTI pride march "In the face of racism and LGBTIphobia, let's unite."
LGBTI Center / 8:30 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Thursday June 20th
Equality meeting # 4 LGBTI: when oppression accumulates
Proposed by the Mayor of the 1st district, the Defender of Rights and Acting for Equality
LGBTI people may suffer from different forms of discrimination and / or oppression and these can accumulate. Intersectionality is the term that refers to the situation of people simultaneously undergoing several forms of domination or discrimination in a society. The CFDT, which will participate in the round table, will broadcast the debate live on facebook.
LGBTI Center / 7 pm / free / buffet free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Rando's Spanish Hostel
Offered by Rando's Rhône-Alpes
Picnic in the form of a Spanish inn. Everyone brings something to eat and share. This event is likely to be canceled in case of rain (check the day before by consulting the agenda on the Rando's website).
Lawn of Les Ébats / Free Tête d'Or Park / 7:30 pm

Saturday, June 22
Trans & Allied Morning
Curated by Chrysalide
Chrysalide offers you to deepen your knowledge of the trans culture and its activism through several stands. On the program: quizzes, badges, trans media, fun activities etc! You can come at any time, there will be regular activities throughout this event, from 10am to 2pm.
Lyon LGBTI Center / 10:00 - 14:00 / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - M ° City Hall

Lyon LGBTI Center Associations Forum
Offered by Lyon LGBTI Center
Come and learn about the different associations that make up the Lyon LGBTI Center.
Lyon LGBTI Center / 3 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

Religious to chew
Proposed by the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence, Couvent des Traboules
It's not every day that you can slip a nun ... well there! it is an opportunity to come and taste the delights of the sisters ... and '' Papot '' of joy. Of course, if you are a leader of the pie or rolled, it's great, brings, we will taste together. So on the menu, sharing in all kinds, caresses, good words and glitters, seropo super welcome ...
LGBTI Center / 4:00 pm / shared cakes
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall

BEE4 closing the fortnight of pride
Proposed by Center LGBTI-LYON
BEE4 closing of the fortnight of prides with DJ and associative bar.
LGBTI Center / 9 pm / free
19 rue des Capucins - Lyon 1st - City Hall