Rassemblement des Fiertés

24 Oct 2020 13:00
→ 24 Oct 2020 19:00
Place Bellecour, 69002 Lyon, France
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After being canceled last June, the Lyon Pride March exceptionally takes the form of a rally on October 24.
We will find you, alongside activists and community associations to carry our Prides high (while respecting health measures!)

The gauge on Place Bellecour will be limited to 1000 people, entry and exit will be provided by the organization.

Slogan: A rally for our rights and against state violence!

Wearing a mask will be compulsory during this gathering and we will ensure that physical distancing measures are respected.

// Call for the gathering of October 24, 2020 \\

After having canceled the Pride March last June, Saturday 24 October we
let's organize a rally at Place Bellecour, against the violence against
LGBTI + people and for our rights.
This year's Pride is nothing like
those of previous years: in an exceptional context, exceptional organization.
Despite the confinement and the difficulty for everyone to mobilize during this
period, despite the reluctance of institutions to let our voices be raised, we
We are hooked because today, we still have things to say.

We call this October 24 for "A rally for our rights and against
state violence ".

TW: LGBTIAQ + phobia, racism, Islamophobia, murder, suicide, rape, putophobia,

- This violence, or rather THIS violence, is LGBTIAQ + phobic violence,
especially against trans and intersex people. In France trans people are
still incarcerated in prisons which do not correspond to their gender; August 1st
last, the amendment aimed at putting an end to mutilations made to
intersex was rejected by the national assembly.
Speaking of law, the bioethics bill does not allow all LGBTI + people
to have access to assisted reproduction, especially trans people who are excluded.
The government boasts that it has opened up assisted reproduction to all women but women
are still and always put aside, the very potentiality of trans parenthood '
does not dare to be discussed in the Assembly. A man who carries his child and who is
legally the father? it is not for tomorrow obviously.
Violence is also the fact that, during this time, the demonstration for all
gathered, Saturday 10.10, here in Bellecour and in several cities of France. In Paris, a
gay couple kissing in the middle of the fascists was arrested for "disturbing the peace
public "... No wonder when we know that the Minister of the Interior supports LMPT by
no more being accused of rape.

- Government policies and the social climate are not "only"
LGBTIAQ + phobes. We also want to talk about racism and Islamophobia of the state
which endangers and makes people of color and migrants even more precarious. We
want to denounce police violence which particularly affects people
racialized and go unpunished. They take place in the heart of a police state whose laws
stigmatize and endanger our adelphs. The current period is particularly
violent for Muslims, singled out by the government which
today instrumentalizes the murder of a professor to justify his Islamophobia;
and for all people of color, over-exposed to controls and violence
police under cover of health emergency.

These subjects are not disconnected from our Prides! Within our
"community", some stigmatize and essentialize behavior
LGBTIAQ + phobes and agree with Collomb, who makes Islamophobic remarks under
covered to protect LGBTIAQ + people.

- State violence is also putophobia. It is the prostitution law, known as
penalization of clients, who make sex workers precarious. It is the absence
measures and assistance adapted for them as the COVID period worsens their
vulnerability. It is the absence of protection against physical violence, even
murder. Trans women, sex workers, often racialized, are the most
exposed to such violence. We have a special thought for Jessyca Sarmiento,
murdered last February, and for all those of which we do not know the
last name.

- State violence is the absence of measures taken against precariousness. It's the
silence in the face of student demands, it is the absence of concrete solutions
faced with the difficulties of access to education, employment, housing and healthcare for all
LGBTIAQ + people. A special thought this time for Doona, who
committed suicide a few weeks ago, driven by the irresponsible decisions of the CROUS.
Despite the demands and the gatherings, all the state offers us is a
listening line ...

- State violence is psychophobia. Conversion therapies are still
authorized in France and SOFECT still has a monopoly on the psychiatrization of
trans people. Meanwhile, the psychological distress of people
LGBTIAQ + are poorly or not supported.

- Finally, state violence is found in the way in which the health and social crisis is
managed. The lockdown has driven many LGBTIAQ + people to live, in
continues, in violent homes, with no possible alternatives. The action plan for
minors proposed at the end of confinement do not take into account the realities
repeatedly denounced by community associations. Curfew
deprives many LGBTIAQ + people of their social spaces,
only spaces in which they are out sometimes.

This accumulation, this violence, they are what led, in France, to the death of several
trans women this year. Doona, Laura, Mathilde, Jessyca and once again, all
those for which we do not have the name. By calling for a rally for our rights, we
ask for a rally to make our voices heard, their voices heard, and so that we
let's no longer have to count our dead.

Our slogan centers on the French state because there is a lot to do here, and
contrary to what the government thinks when giving lessons to Poland, it
is not in an ally position in this story. We come together for our rights because, in the French State, our rights do not exist, or they are incomplete and without
ceases subject to questioning.

We do not forget our adelphs in Poland, Hungary or LGBTIAQ + phobic policies
multiply ; in Britain, where hundreds of trans people have
recently found deprived of their largest hormone prescriber; to the
The United States or Brazil, where the murders of trans women are increasing;
in all the countries that still condemn our communities.

We demand rights, for all, without half measures and without compromise.