Regards En Tous Genres

13 Feb 2019 13:00
→ 13 Feb 2019 23:00
ARC EN CIEL Toulouse-Occitanie, Festival Des Images Aux Mots
Cinéma ABC Toulouse
13 rue Saint Bernard - Toulouse
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Opening on February 4th at 22H at the Cinema ABC Toulouse, the exhibition "Regards In All Kinds" of the Trans / Inter commission of ARC EN CIEL Toulouse-Occitanie

"No matter what kind of gender you say, no matter what kind of gender you think of, no matter what kind you are assigned, there are no differences between us - we are all humans, with our joys and problems, our needs and our desires. "

This exhibition proposes to find behind their eyes, the identity of gender in which recognize the models having agreed to pose in front of the objective. The goal is to show that you can not guess the gender of a person at first sight.

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