Rencontre Giovanna Zaperi sur Carla Lonzi, un art de la vie

16 Mar 2019 18:30
→ 16 Mar 2019 20:00
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Out of these few years, the trajectory of theology and politics of Caria Lonzi (1931-1982), art criticism, perhaps central figure of the Italian feminism, made the object of a rediscovery: the one who thought of the ensemble feminism and the world of the art, the pouvoir et l'émancipation des femmes, is in the process of becoming an incontournable figure so much pour l'histoire du féminisme que pour celle de l'art.
Dans ce livre "Carla Lonzi, an art of the" sous-titré "criticism of" Art and Feminism in Italy "(Presses du réel), who sits south on new archive searches, Giovanna Zapperi reconstructed the parcels of Caria Lonzi traversed the analysis of the "radical creativity" of a thought and a practice that is located in the context of relations between art and feminism in Italy from the 1960s and 1970s. Pour Caria Lonzi, Arresting the art criticism did not mean that the art criticisms were written: they produced a constant interest in art, their institutions, their myths and their language, which still ceased to interrogate. New literacies can only be used to reflect on forms of subordination that are related to the genre, social roles that cease to reproduce, to art in the implication of le pouvoir et la différence des sexes.
Ancienne pensionnaire of the Villa Médicis, Giovanna Zapperi is professed of history of contemporary art at the University of Tours. Elle a édité la traduction française de l'ouvrage de Carla Lonzi Autoportrait (JRP / Ringier).
Elisabeth Lebovici is a historian of art and art criticism. She published a number of articles you are last day. What did she do to me? Art et activisme à la fin del XXème siècle a prix Pierre Daix 2017.