Rencontre Sam Bourcier

28 Mar 2019 19:00
→ 28 Mar 2019 21:00
Collectif IDEM, Librairie L'Hydre aux mille têtes
Librairie L'Hydre aux mille têtes
96 rue Saint Savournin - Marseille
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Meeting with Sam Bourcier about his book "Queer Zones, The Trilogy", published by Amsterdam, and exhibition of works by Maïc Batmane

In partnership with the IDEM collective

"Queer Zones: The trilogy" includes the three volumes of the same name published between 2000 and 2011, including the now classic "Queer Zones, Politics of Identities and Knowledge", which has impelled queer theory and politics in France. Post-pornography is emerging over the pages as well as political, theoretical and personal explorations that renew feminism, gender studies and gender theory. Wittig and Foucault, Butler and Despentes, Deleuze-Guattari and Monika Treut meet in the shadow of subcultures and minority subjectivities, living and dissident, proliferating and militant.

Blending in a flamboyant style, research and criticism, chronic and polemic, Sam Bourcier constructs a pro-sex and biopolitical feminism that is a broader reflection on the relations between power and knowledge, body and discipline. Ars erotica, ars theorica, ars politica: the trilogy is the indispensable toolbox of those who want to leave hetero-homo-normative frames, the museum of sexual difference and binarity - in a word, to live and think like queers.

Activist and theorist queer and transfeminist, founder of the Zoo, Sam Bourcier teaches feminist studies and queer studies at the University of Lille. He is the author of "Queer Zones, The Trilogy" published by Amsterdam (2018), which uses his three "Queer Zones" published from 2001 to 2012 on theories, cultures and queer politics. His latest book "Homo Incorporated, The Triangle and the Unicorn" published in 2017 by Cambourakis publishes a radical critique of the politics of equal rights and a toolbox to fight the neoliberalisation of subjectivities.

Maïc Batmane is a graphic designer during the day, a poster designer and a superhero at night. In parallel with a classico-classical training at Estienne and Arts-Déco in Paris, Maïc discovers fanzines, queer culture, radical feminism, DIY state of mind, and uses a photocopier. Chimeras and collages, fluo and black ink, hairy girls, unskilled adults and wild children populate her colorful multiverse with joy and rage. Maïc exhibits in bookstores-galleries, tattoo shops, zine salons, dyke bars and other underworld places.

Image illustrating the event: collage by Elisa Reimer