Rencontre Valérie Rey-Robert "Le sexisme, une affaire d'hommes"

4 Mar 2020 19:00
→ 4 Mar 2020 20:30
Éditions Libertalia, Librairie Violette and Co
Librairie Violette and Co
102 rue de Charonne - Paris
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“Patriarchal violence is the product of a belief system in which men must dominate. Masculinity is everywhere linked to power and control; boys learn it in their families, through the media, their friends, games, sport. And while learning to be strong and powerful, they also learn that what is feminine is worth less than what is masculine. "
“You are not born a man, you become one. "
It is on the basis of this postulate that Valérie Rey-Robert analyzes the construction of gender. According to her, the main problem of violence against women is virility. She invites us to question ourselves on the socialization of boys and girls, on masculinity and its inherent violence, on our gender stereotypes.
It is up to us to devirilize our societies, so that men stop killing their companions and their children, that they stop killing themselves, that they stop self-harm. This can only go through a great work of awareness and education.
A problem that engages us all.
Published by Libertalia editions.
Valérie Rey-Robert is the author of Une culture du rape à la française (Libertalia, 2019). She has been fighting sexual violence for twenty years and runs the Crêpe Georgette blog.