Rencontre avec Valérie Rey-Robert

19 Feb 2019 19:00
→ 19 Feb 2019 20:30
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A culture of French rape. From "tramping of servant" to "freedom to annoy" (Libertalia)
"The culture of rape affects all cultures, all countries. However, it has specific peculiarities depending on the environment in which it is expressed and developed. In France, whenever the issue of sexual violence is raised in the public debate, the same reservations are expressed. Some rise to denounce the horrible reactionary moralism that would condemn the sexual freedom so dearly acquired, harming the national love identity by importing Puritanism in the land of freedoms. With a well-chosen term and a certain hypocrisy, we evoke French love in terms of gallantry, courtesy or debauchery. We praise our traditions, the attention paid to women and the sophistication of our games of seduction. Behind this charming vocabulary, the reality is much less glamorous. "
In this documentary and innovative essay, the author analyzes and defines the sexual violence, debunks all our received ideas and defeats the argument disempowering the rapists. She insists on the hexagonal specificities of the concept of "culture of rape", demystifies the literary and artistic heritage, and demonstrates, point by point, that it is possible to deconstruct gender stereotypes and to educate men not to violate .
Valérie Rey-Robert is a feminist activist. She has been fighting sexual violence for almost twenty years and has been hosting the Crepe Georgette blog.