Rose Bitume #1

16 Jan 2019 19:30
→ 17 Jan 2019 00:30
The Unlikely Boy, CHNL 4, Blond, M O R S E, Rose Bitume, La Java
La Java
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple - Paris
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ROSE BITUME is your new safe haven one Wednesday a month in La Java, to discover an emerging scene that forms an exciting hub between pop and urban cultures, mainstream and underground. The space of an evening, we leave the mic and turntables to a generation uninhibited and innovative lost somewhere in the dark web between Lana Del Rey and PNL, the gabber and Justin Bieber.


🌹 MORSE live
MORSE's new album is a bit of the ideal soundtrack of an end of the boom that does not turn out as you would have liked, or rainy evenings to consume too many cigarettes, the look in the wave and the heart bruised by a sentimental tear. A foot in the past with a heritage 70-80 song and vintage, and another right in the modern with an electronic and urban aesthetic dripping with autotune, MORSE makes minimalist but just touches. In this new era where the emo sad boys of the internets who assume and display their fragility flourish, would not it be, in parallel with other artists that we hope to make you discover on stage soon, participating to define the contours of an urban French song 3.0?

🌹 Blond live
An androgynous song placed on pop, urban and aerial atmospheres, these are the first impressions left by the titles of the new Blond project that you will discover little by little soon. Applied producer, he mixes influences ranging from future bass to rap through indie pop, exploring the French language and the high register of his male voice.

🌹 CHNL 4 dj set
DJs, graphic artists, videographers, party organizers ... CHNL 4 is above all a crew of creative, funny and ambitious characters forming a fascinating laboratory of aesthetics and alternative and emerging cultures. From the baile funk to the gabber through retro hits, rap or raggeaton, we promise without a doubt dj set as audacious as it is explosive.

🌆 + warm up dj set by The Unlikely Boy
DA Music & Events at Manifesto XXI, musician, producer and already member of the collective CONSPIRATION and half of Vödkabanane, The Unlikely Boy is in charge of the artistic direction & programming of the Rose Bitume parties.


artwork by Arthur Palłuy


ON SITE: 10eur

Manifesto XXI
Friction Magazine

19H30 - 00H30
105 Rue Faubourg du Temple
75010 PARIS

In application of the Reinforced Vigipirate Plan, access to La Java is strictly prohibited to any person presenting with a suitcase, a travel bag or a backpack larger than size A3. The security service may be required to take, without prior notice, any provision it deems useful.