SOLD OUT // Château Perché - The grooviest cuddle party

21 Sep 2019 09:00
→ 21 Sep 2019 22:00
Perchépolis, Velvet Moon, Château Perché Festival
Velvet Moon
44 rue molière - Montreuil
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The grooviest cuddle party, a last Paris hug. <3

⚠ Read everything before you commit by taking your ticket! ⚠

Baby'z, to celebrate our love one last time and the end of the hot season, Perchépolis wanted to offer überfans a last moment of tenderness Zuzammen, in the capital of the country of the roundabouts in every small committee in the brand-new fief of mermaids, with as usual a very special program. 🐥

From 9 am to 10 pm [arrival before 11 am mandatory], we stay together in bed all day as lovers; Anyway he'll be ugly outside. Breakfast vegan veggie offered, and a series of chillout concerts in a cozy atmosphere concocted by David Hartung aus Berlin, mattresses, cushions carpets, incense, and mocktails cocktails too good only. DJ set or live artists close to the project, guest singer and producer Mille The Hit aus Berlin too!

Strict code dress: pajamas or nightgown. If you do not have, you do not come back #SvenMarquardt.
No assholes allowed, no cocaine gold GHB, no bad vibes.
Only Yes people and uplift moods. <3

Excipit the most important ⚠🐨
A last Paris hug is a moment of communion and complicity that will only be sublimated through the respect of certain simple rules:
- Dress imperative code: pajamas and no shoes (refusal in case of no pajamas).
- Arrival before 10:58 (refusal to enter after this time).
- Good vibe only and no judgment.
- All participants are considered by themselves and by others as the most beautiful and beautiful dancers of the world, express your strength, pleasure, fragility and your sensuality through dance, surprise yourself, free yourself from yourself.
- Do not be afraid to sweat, you are even more beautiful while dripping!
- No GHB, no cocaine, and even no drugs!
- No hug without consent!
- Do not wait for kicks to dance! Dance on soft music!
- Be your inner child from end to end! 👶🐰🌞

9h: 12h Samy El Moudni
12h: 14h Thousand The Hit b2b Jäsänä Pan
14h: 16h30 Frederika
16h30: 19h Dialogue / s * Live
19h: 22h Thousand the Hit b2b Jäsänä Pan