Samesex Revival / 21/09/2019 / Paris

21 Sep 2019 23:30
→ 22 Sep 2019 06:00
Concorde Atlantique
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Samesex returns after 5 years of absence!

8 years or thousands of girls from all over France and elsewhere have walked the dance floor of the Barge Concorde, Red Light, Back up, Rivers King ... for the "Same"
8 years of intense LGBT clubbing memories. SAMESEX has had a makeover and announces its return to where it was born in 2007, on the Concorde Atlantique barge.

- 2 Ambiances

// Clubbing in the basement
// Outdoor terrace


Emilie PAJAK (Colorful Electro Pop) Rosa-Bonheur

SOALL (Afro Clubbing-Hip-Hop Vogging and GP) Collective Nohell - Croustibass-Get Tropical

DNASTY (General Revival Electro)

Tayza DELIMA (Deep) Small Boiler House - Yono

4 With talent, 4 different universes.

Craft Beer Bar & Outdoor Champagnes / Miniature Slicer Snacks

- Voguing Show -

The big "House of Ninja" with 3 incredible sailors / Mystic / Raeesha / Sky / will show the extent of his talents.

Barmaid team dangerously provocative.

Entry on the spot: 16 euros & 1 conso

Bottle pack on site hard or field '(limited): 140 euros & 4 entries