Scène ouverte 100% MEUF

19 Jun 2019 20:00
→ 19 Jun 2019 23:00
Démosphère Somme, La Gargouille, Les Bavardes
La Gargouille
13 rue Dusevel - Amiens
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☞☉On Wednesday, June 19, 2019, Les Bavardes offer their 5th open stage to women. This is the week of the Music Festival and the Pride March. So come make your show at La Gargouille for the last event of the year !!

This 5th edition promises to be extraordinary

The slogans: Spontaneity and pleasure!
Whether singing, humor, reading, juggling, poetry, dancing or even magic: whatever, come with what you have to say!
Registrations are done on site ^^

Why a scene 100% girls?

☞☉The Bavards have the will to highlight women and their talents. Those who are too often invisible are in addition, when they make a place on the front of the stage, cataloged and confined to the artistic functions dedicated to women in the common spirit. We then find star dancers, singers surrounded by big muscular arms to sing rock covers, models, actresses and so on.
And yet, women artists are also photographers, hip-hop dancers, musicians, directors or even sound and light engineers.

The possibilities are multiple. Now we must open spaces, engage in them, make their way there so that women's creativity benefits the world and a fair return can be made to them.

☞☉The event remains mixed and free, so come with your brother and your cousin because it will swing!