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5 May 2019 19:00
→ 6 May 2019 01:00
Porn Yourself Festival, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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Sexparty Porn Yourself Festival
Mixed choice without guys cis / Off limit for cis men


[English below]

For the closing night of the Porn Yourself Festival 2019, come share some human warmth in the dampness of the mutinerie backrooms or under the benevolent (and a little voyeur, let's be honest) crowd.

Stupid, lust, latex and more if affinities ...

Mutiny will not be responsible for the glitters that you will continue to find on you (or in you) for the next 6 months.

Cut your nails, shine your harness and call your girlfriends, it's sexparty time!

💦 The Mutiny will be set up to create several dark spaces and dark corners.
💦 Prevention table held by the association Fières.
💦 The entry is at free price (you give what you want / can).
💦 The QUEEN OF BAGARRE💥 FEDERATION invites you to the ring for its first sexy fight session with chicks, dykes and / or trans. Appointment at 19h!


We have chosen for this sex party a mixed gender without cis guy, assuming that the girls (cis & trans), dykes, trans * and inter * have less access to sex parties and places of fuck in general that gay cis guys, and that it is important to have queer sex spaces without the presence of cis straight guys.
We have thought a lot about this issue of the non-mixed, we know that this non-mixed is not perfect, but it is the one that seemed to us best for this edition of Porn Yourself. However we are available to discuss and explain in more detail this choice by mail.



⚡ You are responsible for yourself and your own limits, as well as ensuring that alcohol or prods do not alter (too much) your awareness of events. If you consume a product that alters your behavior, your awareness and your reactivity to pain, inform your / your partners of fuck or play, to avoid misunderstandings and exceeding personal limits.

⚡ Free to do what you want with your body, but be careful not to touch other participants without their permission. Thank you also for respecting the identities, choices and behaviors of your playmates as you would like them to respect yours.

⚡ If you witness a worrying situation (heavy attitude of a participant, seemingly non-consensual report ...), thank you for intervening or immediately informing a member of the organization of the evening . It is our responsibility to make this space safer and benevolent.

⚡ We take care to guarantee the absence of cis guy inside the Mutiny, all the time of the sex party. If you see someone and you have a doubt, that you think that this person is a cis guy, do not ask him to be accountable but come see the staff at the entrance. By going to speak directly to the person you would take the risk to make feel bad and illegitimate a person who nevertheless must be able to take advantage of the event fully. This is a very important rule and if it is not respected, it can lead to an exclusion of Mutiny for the rest of the evening.

⚡ The photos / recordings are obviously prohibited, so it would lead to an immediate exclusion of the Mutiny for the rest of the evening.

⚡ The toilets have one purpose, one, and - surprise! - It's not to fuck in it.

⚡ No fights or jealousy in playgrounds (yes, yes, we know you).

⚡ What happens at the Mutiny remains at the Mutiny, thank you for being discreet-on who you have possibly crossed and what you've seen it do.


For the third edition of the Porn Yourself Festival, we are organizing another sex-party that you are heartily invited to experience first-hand (or hand first). In moistness and warmth, under a loving golden gauze (lez be honest), some voyeuristic eyes, whether your hands are tied or not, feel free to come. Deep debauchery, luxurious latex, and more mesmerizing mysteries will be awaiting you at The Mutiny.

So your nails, polish your harness, and call your girlfriends, it's time you had the talk. It is, after all, sex party time!

💦 Mutiny will be a transition to a plethora of spaces, so you can find it.
💦 The feminist organization FièrEs will proudly hold a table with information about safer sex and everything you need to practice it.
💦 This event is sliding-scale, meaning that you can not get enough money.


Everyone is welcome except for cis guys.
This decision is based on the fact that women (cis and trans), dykes, trans and intersex people are more likely to have access to sex-parties than to allow them to do so. spaces where we can have sex with zero straight cis guy around.
We have thought about this a lot, we know it's not perfect, but this is the best we can provide right now. We are, however, open to talk about this more via email. Your comments will be published in this issue of the Porn Yourself Festival, but we welcome any feedback and ideas for future events.



You are responsible for yourself and your own boundaries. It is also important to know that alcohol or other substances are not altering your awareness of what is happening (at least not too much). If you are under the influence of anything that is altering your behavior, your awareness and your reaction to pain, please know your partner / partner (s) know, so that everyone can do their best to avoid any misunderstanding or crossing of boundaries.

⚡ are are are are ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Please be respectful of other participants' identities, choices and behaviors just like you expect them to respect yours.

If you are witnessing anything that you feel concerned about, for instance, any annoying or seemingly non-consensual behavior, please step in, or immediately inform a member of the organizing team. It is our collective responsibility to make this a welcoming and safer space.

⚡ trust trust trust the the the................ If you see someone that you are reading as a man, do not try to intervene. Speaking directly to another one of their presumed gender is inappropriate and illegitimatizes their right to the space. Instead, please bring anybody to the staff by the door. This is not a rule for immediate exclusion from the event.

⚡ Pictures and any kind of recording are obviously forbidden during the whole event. Not respecting this rule is a motive for immediate exclusion for the rest of the event.

Toil The toilets have one, and one purpose only - surprisingly enough,

⚡ Fist, not fits! No fighting, no jealous eruption are allowed in the playing areas (yes, we know you like Paris, which is not a real expression.)

Occurs And of course, what happens at Mutiny stays in Mutiny. Do not disclose anything about who you saw and what they were doing.