Smsvideomix® by Lucky - November Edition - The Labo (Paris)

20 Nov 2019 20:00
→ 21 Nov 2019 03:00
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SMSVideomix by LUCKY
37 rue des Lombards - Paris
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This month, SmsVideomix celebrates its 8th anniversary ^^ The first took place on November 8, 2011! Conceived ! So to thank you we will celebrate it as it should ^^

For 8 years, the essential interactive gay evening where Lucky videomixes you in less than 5 minutes the clips that you ask him by SMS!

Full of updates for this new edition at The Labo in Paris ... starting with the day ... be careful it's not every Tuesday ... but ALL WEDNESDAY from 8pm to 3am!

Every week a new update will be unveiled!

As always our foreign friends who come to visit us will be welcome and as always on presentation of their passport or identity card of another country they will be offered their second conso and we will hang at the bar the flag of their country!


Thanks to a screen connected in real time during the evening on our INSTAGRAM @luckydanceparty, the best / funny / original photo posted until midnight with writing in the right order and without mistakes "@luckydanceparty #smsvideomix #TheLabo #EveryWednesday #Paris # France "will win consos offered!

Every week you'll have to guess what clip is behind some Emoji symbols representing what we see in the clip.
You will be able to give your answer only from 21h by Sms being present on Wednesday at "Labo" and those until 23h because of a proposal by conso. If no one finds it ... it is put back into play the week after and the gifts will accumulate.

Every week the gift to be won will be announced before.

See you on Wednesday !!!
Too hurried!

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This month your Smsvideomix has his 8th birthday! So we will make a party to tell you a big thank you! Cause it's thank you to you!

Since 8 years, the incredible interactive gay party where Lucky the VideoDj videomixes in less than 5 minutes all the videos!

Every Wednesday at "The Labo" in Paris / France!
Every week a new update will be coming!

As everytime we're going to have a second drink, we're going to have a second drink for them, if they show us at the bar !


Thanks for a real time screen video on our Instagram @luckydanceparty, the best / most funny / original video post before midnight and post with this exact mention in this order and with no mistakes "@luckydanceparty #smsvideomix #TheLabo #EveryWednesday #Paris #France "win drinks free!


Every week you will have a guess behind some emoji of what we see on the video. You can only give your answer at 9 pm by text if you are for real at the bar "The Labo" and until 11 pm. Just one proposal by drink you have. If nobody find ... it's for the next week with 1 gift more ...

Every week the gift will be announced before

See you on Wednesday!
Can wait to see you!