Soirée Correspondances #3 | Le 16.02 à Point Éphémère

16 Feb 2019 20:00
→ 17 Feb 2019 03:00
Poltron Minet, Point Éphémère, Béatrice Cussol, CHARDON
Point Éphémère
200 quai de Valmy - Paris
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readings, live, performance, DJ sets
with Béatrice Cussol, Jean Luc Verna, CHARDON, Poltron Minet & Veronique Hubert

"Why invest myself again in an evening with various artistic approaches? More than ever it seems important to me to activate the noisy thoughts of the enduring creative bodies faced with the climactic and brutal oppressions.I decided to reunite these artists by giving them a complete freedom in this strong place, the epithet point which brings them together: their correspondences of qualities in their postures and their artistic translations of a certain common context, of a contemporary existence, their energy, their generosity and their endurance, all generations, artists and DJs will work in a cross of performative readings, in concert and to nir, by a festive mix "défoulatoire." I wish us a new and strong moment and a beautiful correspondence with the visitors who will come to discover this creative multitude . " V.Hubert

//// IN THE PROGRAM ////

Beatrice Cussol "give up"

Concentrated with a text by Béatrice Cussol from a longer one she has just completed, exile of women to an unknown island pursuing the utopia of a life between them.
Beatrice Cussol lives and writes, paints, draws, gives shape to words sewn, cut and glue to Malakoff or elsewhere. She has also published four books "Merci" (2000) and Pompon (2001) published by Balland, Sinon (2007) and Les Souffleuses (2009) by Léo Scheer, respectively Le rayon collection, Laureli.

Jean-Luc Verna "UCELLO"

"Singular figure in the French artistic landscape, Jean-Luc Verna (1966) develops for more than thirty years a protean and transdisciplinary work. Shaved head, pierced, tattooed from head to toe, he approaches a silver dentition that his smile hints: wherever he goes, his silhouette detonates and fascinates. At the same time singer, draftsman, performer, choreographer, actor, the artist places his body at the center of his plastic and aesthetic research. »Wilson the Person / MaCulture
His work is represented by the Air de Paris gallery


"To make the post-punk heritage sound, to distinguish itself by texts in French - poetic gears and fulgurances rock-, to make fly a feather musical, romantic and acid, to cover with an electric coat pique of dreamlike, of raw words (sometimes cruel), lies, secrets delivered. Get married under an electronic rain with guitars in mounted parts, synthesizers, BAR and virtual cymbals ...
CHARDON, a Parisian electro-rock trio, decided to be a little all of this at once; Sincere words and music gaining ground for sweaty concerts and quirky evenings ... "CHARDON
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Poltron Minet
mix / DJ

First and foremost '' Party maker '' and programmer at the service of Parisian queer night, Poltron Minet also goes behind the decks to put into practice his passion for electronic music. Coming from a dark, cold wave and industrial base, his universe first spread to techno to become more and more varied and eclectic over time. The alert ear of Poltron Minet will recognize the dark tone of a piece of dancehall and the funk in dark and minimal techno.
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Véronique Hubert «OTHERS FORGOTTEN»

"The polymorphism of her research is also based on the complicity with other artists, her entourage even with the public: She can propose to collect portraits blur to the net objects (DERRIÈRE), as well as short readings filmed (ONE PAGE) , all put in lines on his website and / or exhibited regularly.
Moreover "Because the coherence of my work requires to bring the" other brains "in the game, since 1996 I organize events of artistic actions in various museum or festive places. Y participated a large number of artists , writers, and writers since 1996. "
These events named "Readings? "," Pretext "or more recently" CORRESPONDENCES "mix actions and creations without a dictated hierarchy. Federating places such as Beaubourg, Batofar, STATION or La Friche Antre-Peaux / Bourges have welcomed these punctual organizations rich in plural proposals. "
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