Soirée de soutien Dommages et Intérêts

26 Jan 2019 18:00
→ 27 Jan 2019 02:00
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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Evening supportive of D. condemned by a classist, sexist, racist justice, for having defended itself during a sexist and lesbophobic aggression.

We invite you to enjoy an evening of support with artists: a concert of the talented Habiba and a DJ set of the great Ka (ra) mi that we thank in advance for their volunteer participation. Share a max so that none of us will be alone in this "justice" of class, sexist, racist and lesbophobic.

When D, waitress at Mutinerie, is verbally attacked with sexist and lesbophobic remarks at her workplace, nothing prepares her to undergo again, on the part of the Prosecutor, also sexist remarks: "where did you learn from you? beat like that? It's not common for a girl! ".
Surprise! Some of us have developed different strategies to deal with aggression. And that disturbs the Prosecutor: "if you really felt in danger, why did not you run away" (as a reminder, 6 people were circling D at that moment). Or again: "Why not hit the low parts of Monsieur A? ".

But the passivity of women seems expected in this court, where the victim is incriminated for acting against the aggressor and for defending unexpectedly.
And yes! the escape or the kick in the balls are a sensible reaction in these spheres of law! But wait for you to be pursued if, unfortunately, you defend yourself by another means!

Rather than highlighting the lesbophobic, sexist nature of the aggression of D., the institutions, each in turn (police, prosecutor) will strive to protect the masculinity of the attacker, who meskin, can "talk about this aggression to his entourage that his attacker was a woman ", that his friends" make fun of him ".

Racisée, D. will be all the more considered as faulty by a criminal system that no longer hides his craze to condemn in fact, and abusively non-white people.

In addition to having suffered aggression from MA and the refusal by the police to register his complaint, D. will be ordered to pay 14,000 Euros in damages.

Against this justice which does not recognize self-defense and accuses the victims of being aggressors;
Against this justice which condemns the racis.
Support D. condemned by a classist, sexist, racist justice for having defended himself during a sexist and lesbophobic aggression.

Detail of artists:

*** DJ, pianist and beatmaker, Ka (ra) mi is momentarily based in Paris.

His influences range from Hip Hop, R & B, ChillTrap, Future Sound and Afro Caribbean music.