Soirée de soutien à SWAG // Autodéfense par et pour les TDS

15 Dec 2018 19:00
→ 16 Dec 2018 02:00
Chaffle, Elodelu, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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SWAG needs you !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

SWAG is a feminist self-defense method by and for sex workers (TDS), developed since 2016 within the CHAFFLE association by a group of TDS from various communities (migrant, trans, street TDS, apartment or wood ...) to fight against the violence that we suffer.

Come support us December 15 from 19h at the Mutiny!

♥ Launch of the Art Whore connection project: projection of 3 short videos on the SWAG + SWAG demonstration

♥ Burlesque performances: Tom de Montmartre + Calypso Overkill

♥ Musical performance: Martin Dust

♥ Arsenal DJset (Afrobeat) + Elodelu (queer hip hop)

♥♥♥ Evening disguised:
costume contest superhero whore ♥♥♥
(a bottle of champagne or champomy to win)

10% of the turnover of the evening will be donated to the Chaffle.

The evening organized at the Mutinerie will help finance the upcoming trainings in 2019.
We have also set up a kitty on the internet that will remain open after the evening:

We are developing together a community tool to protect ourselves, to help one another, to feel stronger, to feel legitimate in defending ourselves against all forms of violence and stigmatization that we encounter.
When the state passes laws that make us insecure, when the police rape and lock us up instead of protecting us, we can only rely on ourselves to ensure our security.
This SWAG project intervenes urgently and in an intersectional perspective, to meet the different realities of sex work, to create links, dialogue and solidarity between the TDS.

Today, 10 TDS are in training to become themselves trainers. Although we receive valuable financial support from Médecins du Monde through the Jasmine program, this is not enough to cover all the costs: we invest from our pocket when we can (most of us live in precariousness), and we need you to move forward.

We need support for:
- fund a first aid training for our entire group, who can then transmit these concepts in the SWAG animations
- buy equipment (paos for animations, notebooks, wigs and masks for public interventions ...)
- pay train tickets for those coming from afar and subway tickets for those that are closer
- feed us and accommodate us decently during the training and animation days
- create visual aids to communicate on TDS workshops in several languages, as well as to solicit associations and other structures likely to work with us
- fund travel to other regions / countries to promote our approach to other TDS communities and create a link beyond the IDF
- and so much more !!!

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