Soirée n°2 PYfestival

3 May 2019 18:00
→ 4 May 2019 01:30
Porn Yourself Festival, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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[We are unable to broadcast and share this event because there is mention of "hum hum", butt and "crac crack". So we modified it with subtle innuendo. Whenever an expression in quotation marks is a little pitiful, it's the censored version;)]

A program to lick your chops (and not that) for the second evening of PYFestival:

💦 18h-19h Screening n ° 1: 45 mn short movies "buttock" queer free priced, unisex without cis guy
This year Mutinerie invites you to take your ease during the screenings. The room will be arranged to promote promiscuity consent.

💦 20h "By consuming myself at the stake, I will make my ashes a poison ivy" by Maria Veneno
In the midst of the liberal hell, there is a cries of magical resistance. It's time for revenge. A witch-serpent prepares in his exile a conjure with his fluids. The conjure as affirmation of identity, the body as an instrument of anti-liberal resistance, the body as a witness of the lived, the witch-body open: a spell against oblivion. A 13-minute audiovisual and choreographic poetic journey, a ritual to regain the body-flesh and release the warrior spirit. A song to listen to the voices of the past and become wolf.

Warning: the performance contains self-mutilation scenes and explicit scenes.

💦 8:30 pm Unpublished performance of Bash Back aka H. and BB.
[the name CY-BICH in this text is to be read with a T in more well placed in the middle of BICH, but impossible to keep without the event being censored]
At the end of spring, last year, H. asked her friend BB to remix her voice on two pieces in preparation for a performance. BB, listening to H's voice. was packed and seized with an impulse to swing the flow on the crowd of prides that were announced. BB then began flooding the TPBG steps with the text CY-BICH, written by H. Noticing that it took our beloved cliques to guts and hearts, they decided to do more, not just wait for a manifestation to share our anger and our empuissancement and to give ourselves a name. Thus was born the EP CY-BICH and the BASH-BACK clan. For the dirty and crazy ones, JOIN THE TEAM.
(Idir Music collaboration, Leslie Barbara Butch, H.)

💦 21h "321" by Rannielly Perlla
Perlla Rannielly is an artist whose work is inspired by issues that cross the body of black trans women. It is for her to regurgitate oppressions, redistribute violence, empower, and "reaffirm to negritude" to counter the hegemonic discourse that imprisons and police women's bodies. Find her for a hybrid dance, sensual, intense and political.

💦 9:30 pm DJ set: Barbara Butch
Barbara Butch
Queen of queer nights, she is known for making happiness wherever she goes. Barbara Butch is one of those activists of the night who fights with bold humor, thousands of sequins, disco, electro sexy and pop cheesy. This Joan of Arc lgbtqia +++ will come to type your dancefloor of her captivating siren songs! Be prepared !!!