Soirée performances // Festival des Merveilles

24 Oct 2019 21:00
→ 24 Oct 2019 23:50
L'Entrepôt, Alkaline Gynoid, Océan
7 rue Francis de Pressensé - Paris
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See you next 24.10 for the open stage of the Festival des Merveilles. 7 talented artists will share the stage with theater shows and performances.

◾️Tom Boyaval, alone on stage ◾️

Trained at LFTP, in September 2014 he joined ESCA d'Asnières. First as a singer-songwriter in Femmes de Paroles, (my D 'de Kabal) then in Fauves (my Michel Schweizer) he then participates as an actor in many shows like Scenes of hunting in Bavaria (my Penelope Biessy), Pelleas and Melisande (my Alain Battis) Martyr (my Gatienne Engelibert) or Palestro (my Bruno Boulzaguet). For the year 2018/2019 he is selected among the 10 talents Adami Lyrics actors and plays in this context at the festival of autumn with Joris Lacoste in the pieceNoyeau ni fixe and then at the festival of Avignon in the play Abimés (my Jean -Christophe Dollé). In parallel he also works as a playwright on the play Pronom (my Guillaume Doucet) and creates a single stage on the transidentity called And in the minds of others.

◾️Morphine and Louna, theater◾️

A long time ago, in times gone by, be serene. In a world that is nothing like ours, do not worry. Was a scary country. "
Morphine and Louna take you to a strange country where you change children without asking them. Between storytelling and dragshow, this performance tackles intersex and dyadic mysteries.

◾️Phoenix Attala, alone on the stage ◾️

Phoenix Atala is a multidisciplinary visual artist. He was born in Saintes in 1977, lives and works in Paris. He has twice tried the entrance exam for L'INSAS, a film school in Brussels, without success. I meet Grand Magasin at the dawn of the 21st century. Following a residency at La Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto, Japan), where they compose a few films, they co-write and co-perform a dozen very successful plays over the course of a decade. At 30, he directed a feature film S01E02 that describes cinematographic grammar. In 2009 he designed a device for contemplating the landscape, then went to live in the United States where he chronicled his experiences in the form of poems or tele-conferences-performances. Upon his return he launches into solo performances How to write Standing Up and The Conceptual Impasse where are detailed and interoped the process of writing a show. He is associate artist at Nanterre-Amandiers in 2016-2017. On this occasion he writes and realizes an experimental web-series La Formule where the scripting rules are deconstructed. Through a DiCréam Scholarship, he codes a video game The Contemporary Artist whose hero is an artist, and designs a lecture-performance Algorithm on the binary system. His productions are presented at the Center Pompidou, at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Gaîté Lyrique, the Spring of September in Toulouse, Chez Bushwick and FIAF in New York, Human Resources Los Angeles, Mac-Val, MK2, Menagerie de Verre in Paris, Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, Nanterre-Amandiers, France Culture and Canal + ...

◾️Pirates company, theater◾️

Pirates is a young theater company / collective of artists in non-mixed trans. It was created at the initiative of students of the Paris conservatories, before others join, around a first piece called simply Pirate Manifesto. It was formed around the observation of the problems of representation of our stakes on the stage and with the ambition to question the place of this media in the political struggles, as well as a will of transmission and writing of our collective stories, whether they are played in classic halls or in bars, squats, that they invest all the possible and imaginable places.

◾️Alkaline Gynoid, electro◾️

Alkaline Gynoid was born from the meeting of Naominitel's music and texts by Liane de Quinzel. They tell their life of girls, lesbians, musicians, in the middle queer, their ambitions, emotions and setbacks, in political and light texts, with power and humor. Their music accompanies their lyrics with mechanical and catchy synthesizer loops fully reproduced live and inspired by their pop, techno and acidic influences.
Discovered during the Mutiny's open scenes, they will present and play live their first title "Not All Men", as well as two new creations.

◾️Abstrakt Nail Polish, Harshnoise◾️

AbStraKt NAil P0LiSh is a Harshnois formation evolving between Grenoble (FR) and Brussels (BE), created by two non-binary trans people in 2018. Deep dark ambient to harsher noise, their influences oscillate from Björk to Beyonce, from Abul Mogard to Miley Cyrus, in a resolutely low-fi and diy spirit.

Sorour Darabi
Sorour Darabi is a self-taught Iranian artist who lives and works in Paris. Very active in Iran, iel is part of the ICCD underground association whose festival Untimely (Tehran) hosted his work before his departure for France.
During her studies at the CCN in Montpellier, she created the solo Subjetc to Change, a performance that questions the notion of transformation through time and cohabitation with the environment. In 2016, he created Farci.e, a solo that deals with notions of language, gender identity and sexuality, at the Montpellier danse festival. His latest creation, Savušun, is an ode to affection, vulnerability and affected beings, inspired by the mourning ceremonies of Muharram and addresses the issue of emotions: sorrow, fear and suffering. Iel is currently creating Mowgli, a collaborative project with Tarek Lakhrissi, which will be premiering at KFDA in the spring of 2020.

◾️Practical information ◾️

Free entry
Thursday October 24th from 9pm to midnight
The Warehouse, 7/9 rue Francis de Pressensé, Paris 14