Solidarité Punk & Queer avec les migrant.e.s Lgbtqi+ à Lesbos !

20 Apr 2019 19:00
Centre Paris Anim' Montparnasse
26, allée du Chef d'Escadron de Guillebon - Jardin Atlantique - Paris
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Determined to prove that solidarity will win!

Alongside Rock'n'Bones, VĖRSįNTHË 99, Lush Rush and Judith Judah, let us find time for a party to pog, sweat, continue to mobilize or re-motivate (because we can be No Future, there are also many beautiful things happening!) and spin a financial boost to a group of migrants in Greece, Lesvos LGBTIQ + Refugee Solidarity Group.

The Queer Food For Love will also be there to make us salivate (if it is not already the case!). What's better than free-price vegan food to start (or finish) your evening?

To help you find your way to the Center Paris Anim Montparnasse, take a look at this link (it's not that easy):

Program: Entrance, drink and vegan food at free price (but respectful), infokiosques, concerts.
- Rock'n'bones: street punk
- VĖRSįNTHË 99: queerpunk
- Lush Rush: riot grrrl
- Judith Judah: dark riot grrl
- The Queer Food:
Collective self-organized organizing feminist bouffes and transgender vegan. The food is exported tonight just for us but usually the food is at La Nouvelle Rotisserie. They are an opportunity to offer moments of conviviality, where one can eat a festive meal at the restaurant even if it is precarious, give visibility and financially support the feminist struggles, transpédégouines and other social struggles that matter to them.

Those who reach Europe in search of refuge often find themselves stuck in crowded camps like Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos. Now an open-air prison, it welcomes around 10,000 migrants who live between cartons, tents and containers. The living conditions are inhuman and the procedures drag on, sometimes leaving more than two years waiting for all these people that we forget little by little.

For LGBTQI + people, the situation is even more difficult: they are subjected daily to psychological and physical violence by the authorities, the police, but also other migrants.

Because we want to support them, allow them to live with dignity, avoid the violence, deportation and death risks related to them, the money of the evening will go directly to the group that works for the rights of migrants LGBTQI + in Lesbos.

It's urgent.