Spectacle - Viril - Fest. DIRE

31 Jan 2020 20:00
→ 31 Jan 2020 21:20
La rose des vents Scène nationale, Littérature, etc.
La rose des vents Scène nationale
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[Manly / David Bobée, Casey, Béatrice Dalle, Virginie Despentes, Groupe Zëro]

Manly, adj. : Which testifies to the energy, the firmness that tradition lends to the male sex.

What if this tradition is questioned? What if manhood was not a gender story? To address such a subject, David Bobée brings together three artists with strong and committed personalities: the rapper Casey, the actress Béatrice Dalle and the author Virginie Despentes.

With generosity and freedom, these three icons of our time come to proclaim, read and transcend the texts of Paul B. Preciado, Zoé Léonard, Valérie Solanas, June Jordan or Audre Lorde on the hypnotic post rock music of the group Zëro: a concert of stripping literature.