Sphérisations, le monde entre en sphères

4 Jan 2019 19:00
→ 4 Jan 2019 23:45
80 avenue du Général Leclerc - Pantin
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In 2017, as I work on creating new images from my photographs, I remember a phrase that a teacher had told me during techno a few years ago: "In the world, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed ".
In addition, I am very sensitive about climate change, the transformation of the earth.
So it comes to mind to gather in image the famous maxim and the spherical side of the planet.
So I'm looking for a universe from my own photos.
Round shapes like stars will be born like a mirror that would send us back to another planetary system.
Architectures and cities are the basic principles of these views that I deconstruct to rebuild, recycle, recreate in other forms and colors, and thus obtain new graphic and poetic representations that would be like doors, airlocks that would transport us in a parallel world.
Thus Spherifications were born.

At almost 1000 creations of spheres, I felt a need to emancipate myself from the round shape and its circular limits.
While continuing these abstract planets, I now open on flat surfaces that seem to extend beyond the frame, like a window on a horizon of imaginary worlds.
This new series is more focused on aerial forms, climate that is nonetheless derived from our reality, the one I capture through the lens when I take photos.
This collection logically bears the name of: "Strat'eau-sph'airs".
This title sums up perfectly the atmosphere that I want to give to these works which are more in the style "abstract-art"
A third series of creation has emerged recently: The Squizzz.
They are a mix between spherifications and Strat'eau-sph'airs except that the format is different.
From the square frame form of the previous ones, these have a rectangular dimension
As if I had taken a piece of form, a part of color and that I had lengthened them to enter a little more in the infinity, to approach the quantum.
These "Squizzz" have the particularity in addition to being autonomous to be able to be assembled by two or three a little like graphic puzzles which despite their apparent abstraction are recomposed in new images, build new realities and open on new paths , those there inside our own world ..
Now that these works exist, I have the pleasure of offering them to your eyes.
It's up to you to enter these worlds, to immerse yourself, to imagine, to dream, to go in search of an elsewhere that is often close to you.
All these worlds you can find them on my facebook page:
Spheres abstract art
jean Roguier