TDoR/ Formation : Sexe, genre et transidentités

9 Nov 2019 15:00
→ 9 Nov 2019 18:00
Iskis, centre Lgbti+ de Rennes
Iskis, centre Lgbti+ de Rennes
6 rue Saint Martin - Rennes
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On the occasion of the month on transidentity and transphobia that we organize around the TDoR (Transgender Day of Rememberance), Saturday, November 6, from 15:00 to 18:00, we organize a training session on themes related to the concepts of sex, gender, and trans-identities. The aim is to better understand the articulation of society around gender identities and better understand the experiences of intersex and transgender people.

Participation in this training is one of the prerequisites for all our volunteers (but integration into a team is not systematic). It is quite possible to attend this training freely, without intending to join our teams.

Free training, open to all (like all our other events: no need to join or attend the association regularly).

Saturday, November 9, from 3 pm to 6 pm
At the local, 6 rue Saint Martin
Open to all, accessible to people with reduced mobility