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6 Sep 2019 19:00
→ 8 Sep 2019 20:00
15 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier - Paris
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Movement Contact Massage
Mixed workshop chosen (women, lesbians, trans)

6-7-8 September 2019
Friday 6th September: 8 pm - 10 pm
Saturday, September 7th: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sunday September 8th 12:00 - 8:00 pm

Micadanses, 16 rue Geoffroy L'Asnier 75004 PARIS
Metro Saint Paul / Pont-Marie

This workshop is a real discovery of tantra and tantric massages. It is also a chance for people who have already followed previous internships to deepen their knowledge.

For a whole weekend the workshop is based on: movement and dance, breathing exercises, tantric massage and meditation. Together we create a space of mindfulness and body exploration. The exercises allow us to feel our body, to touch it, to open our breath and our emotions, to discover the space, the others, and our energies. The massages are focused on breathing and deep listening. They provide a feeling of comfort and well-being in complete privacy in a respectful atmosphere.

You will be able to experiment:
- how to let energy circulate in the body and learn to direct it with the breath
- tantric breathing circles alone or in pairs
- Elements of Dance Contact Improvisation
- tantric massages (rituals, Chahra Puja ..) with different qualities of gestures and touches

Who can participate? Contact and mutual respect are essential, hence the choice of sessions reserved for women, lesbians and trans people in order to release the energies and create an interior and protected space. The exercises are alone, in pairs or in groups.

The knowledge of tantra, dance or massage is not necessary to participate. You can come solo or duet.

Workshop in English with French translation.


RATES: 150 € // Reduced price: 120 € // For rates contact us if necessary.

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SABINE SONNENSCHEIN has been doing tantric body work since 2006 in Vienna. She is also a sex therapist and sex therapist of the therapeutic method sexocorporelle. Choreographer and performer since 1992, she has been taking a tantric approach to life since 2004. She has been working on body awareness since 1990 and has been doing contact improvisation dance for 25 years. She hosts many tantra workshops and dance contact improvisation. She has taught at Schwelle 7 in Berlin and at ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Contact Dance Festival in Freiburg, Studio Keller in Paris, etc.

FLOZIF is an independent programmer and works on topics related to the body. In Paris, she organizes cultural and artistic events mainly in the queer milieu. She also performs as string artists. She sets up workshops around gender and sexuality. She has been working with Sabine Sonnenschein since 2011. She practices shibari, sensory movement dance and tantric meditation.

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Movement Contact Massage
Workshop for women, lesbians & trans *
Assistant: FLOZIF (FR)

September 6th-8th, 2019
Micadanses, 16 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier, 75004 Paris

Friday September 6th: 8 - 10 pm
Saturday September 7th: 12 am - 9 pm
Sunday September 8th: 12 am - 9 pm

This workshop provides a space for women, lesbians and trans *, to deeply meet themselves and their own sexual energy and strength. You sense your sexual energy in a healing space of mindfulness, security, love, respect and empathy; in your responsibility for yourself and others.

You will be sharing with others in dancing, breathing and tantric massage. We will experiment and have fun! If you are interested in a research for yourself in a group, you are absolutely right in this workshop.
This workshop is free of heteronormativity (which is often found in classical tantra), this workshop provides empowerment and embodiment
You will experience, how to understand breathing, tantric breathing circles, and you will be able to work with your partner. These exercises enable you to build up a huge amount of sexual and spiritual energy.

What you can experience that weekend:
<3 To let the energy flow through the body
<3 Tantric breathing circles, on your own or with a partner
<3 Tantric full body ritual massage with different qualities of touch
<3 Massage of the palate, optional:
<3 Chakra Puja:
A ritual taking place in a circle. You experience different encounters. The ritual is based on honoring the other by offering different qualities of touch.
<3 Contact improvisation dance as a form of direct energetic and physical communication with each other. You learn skills of dance improvisation, respons-ability, listening and responding to each other with our body.

It is quite important to relate and connect your space of the heart with your sexual center.
We finetune our senses for encouters in the very moment. You will be aware of your body, your breath, your emotions, the space around you, the others and their energies. A space of listening to each other is created. You are invited to get acquainted with your personal limits and to look at them with a loving eye. You might be good, experiment with them or, if you like, transcend them.
We share our experiences, respecting our personal limits, boundaries and vulnerabilities. You practice awareness in contact with others, responsibility for yourself and empathy for others.

Some knowledge in Tantra, dance or massage is not necessary.

You can come alone or with partner / s. Solo waiters will find each other.
The workshop is held in English with French translation.
Please wear clothes, in which you can breathe easily.

To register, please send your name, address, email address to:

Normal price: € 150, -
Reduced price: € 120, -

She has given womb healing and tantric bodywork in Vienna since 2006. As clinical sexologist she works with the sexualtherapeutic method Sexocorporel. She is a student of Daniel Odier since 2008. She practices Kashmir tantrism and Kashmiri massage. She lives and teaches a fusion of a tantric perspective on the world and a practice of life. She supports people to get aware of themselves, to feel their bodies and to have a healthy and blissful (sexual) life. . Teacher at Tantra Ibiza Festival, Open Heart Festival im ZEGG bei Berlin, Tantra & Sexuality Festival Poland, Xplore, Art of Sex Festival, Freiburg Festival Contact, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Touch & Play, Austria Contact Festival. She studied "Vijnana Bhairava Tantra" with Dr. Bettina Bäumer. She has training in tantric full body massage (Michaela Riedl, AnandaWave / Cologne), Lomi Lomi Nui, pelvic massage by Ruby K., Yin Yang massage by Andro.
She has been a choreographer and performer since 1992 and has had a tantric approach to life since 2004.
Her philosophical pornografic movie "heteronom 1" was shown at festivals in Europe, for example at the 1st PornFilmFestivalBerlin in 2006. Together with Brigitte Wilfing she organized the symposium "pornonom" in 2009: readings, performances, film screening and a lounge focussing on post -porn movie.

She is well-known in the Paris lesbians and queer scene. She organizes the PlayNight, a Party for GirlZ and trans' as well as arty and underground cultural events. She also takes part in PostP * movies and works in connection with different artists. For more than four years, she has been in charge of women and lesbians sexuality (Berlin, Utrecht, Paris, Marseille ...). Her work focuses on gender and alternative sexualities. She follows a lot of workshops around body issues in Berlin. She practices dance and sensory movement in Paris and also Tantra meditation. She was Sabine Sonnenschein's assistant at Schwelle7 in Berlin for two workshops of "Contact Improvisation based on Tantra" and created Tantra Experience Paris together with Sabine Sonnenschein

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