Tom de Pékin : lecture, dédicace et hula hoop !

22 Nov 2019 18:00
→ 22 Nov 2019 21:00
On Your Slate - Editions, Galerie Arts Factory
Galerie Arts Factory
27 rue de charonne - Paris
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On the occasion of the release of "Hula Hoop 3" at Solo Ma Non Troppo and "I will not go away to summer camp" on On your slate, Tom from Beijing is the guest of Arts Factory Gallery on Friday November 22, for an evening of outdoor activities and open fellowship.

from 18h: dedication and exhibition hula hoop
on the shelves of our bookstore area
as of 7:30 pm: reading by pekin tom
from the book "I will not leave in a summer camp"

about the works presented:

hula hoop 3
Tom de Pekin - solo editions ma non troppo

Diary drawn in the spring of 2017 in Reunion Island and in summer 2018 around Montreal: moments captured with gouache and crayons.

"Between the river and the ocean, the blue mass and the clarity of the sky, the circles spinning, absorbing the shape of our fragile silhouettes, we had to unite the two and find through this mixture a passage that would allow us to escape. to those thoughts that are too present to separate from them, we wanted to give our bodies and souls energy to dance in the center of time, stories change, friendships stay. "

This album closes the Hula Hoop cycle initiated in 2016 by solo ma non troppo as well as the artist's eponymous journal.

size 20 x 27 cm - 36 color pages
250 copies, digital printing
15 euros


I will not go to summer camp anymore
Tom Peking - Editions on your slate / liquid sky

Between fantasies and memories, Tom of Peking, makes us relive a fragment of his youth. "I will not go to summer camp anymore" reports troubled events arising from his memory, alternately funny or dramatic. This ingenuous text reveals the first emotions of the author and the dreams and disappointments that accompany them. A falsely naive tale in which sexuality comes out, which paints a portrait of an era and an environment that the artist uses and reconstructs like an adventure.

Tom from Beijing delivers intimate confession of delicate moments
his childhood with tenderness and not without self-deprecation, features omnipresent throughout his work that are relayed here by his colorful illustrations.

size 12 x 20 cm - 36 color pages
110 copies, digital printing
17 euros


an evening organized as part of the exhibition
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