12 Jun 2020 23:30
→ 13 Jun 2020 08:00
Tragedy, umbraid, Diane Cytochrome, Transterror, ketia, ASTRID GNOSIS
New Spot
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This event may have been cancelled. Please check the event on Facebook and the discussion tab of this event. Thank you.

VIRUS ALeRT: dear.Es ZOUZ are afraid to announce that this Tragedy is likely to be your last chance to dance, to have fun walking around naked, no judgment, before CONFINEMENT of our beautiful country. the future is dark the chick is clearly threatened this weekend we get together and give everything, see you Friday and forever TRAGICALLY YOUR

Friday March 13 we dance to remember that we are beautiful, we drink to forget that we are drunk, and we sing to scream on all the rooftops that love does not wait.

In a way. And many other things that are not yet entirely on our to do list for the coming nights.

The promise of forgotten modesty, of furious freaks, pools of transpi, frenzied pedelurate chorées, and mouthfuls of love consumed.

Basket of crabs, without rage and full of despair. Musical experimentation ground between techno, gabber and trance, no limit.

Stylish chicks with nasal partitions more solid than stone, serious chicks and babtous sensitive to painted nails and long hair converge the new new spot.

The kids who make Paris move come to mix, sing and perform so that YOU, the main actor of the evening, can have a blast of power 1000 all fire up to the last moonbeam!