Tristan Lopin "Dépendance affective" @Nancy

22 Feb 2020 20:00
→ 22 Feb 2020 23:00
Les productions Label LN, Tristan Lopin, Poirel
3, rue Victor Poirel - Nancy
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Freshly dropped - it's been 8 years - Tristan Lopin tells us about his romantic setbacks. For him, breaking up is the best way to make a new start ...

But not easy to dream between a totally depressed girlfriend, over-couple in over-construction friends and a racist and homophobic aunt. With a sharp look, he gives his opinion on a company that would like us all to fit into the mold. Tristan cultivates his difference and continues to secretly dream of Prince Charming, but a prince who would respond quickly to text messages, this endless wait is really unbearable!

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