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19 Jul 2019 23:59
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Dancin', Pz City Club
Pz City Club
4 Quai du Verdanson - Montpellier
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In this wake of Pride 2019 we are pleased to welcome Dancin's team

---- Arnolito Nîmes ----

It was in 1990 that Arnolito discovered Djing. At 13, he starts mixing Euro-Dance. Unfortunately, confined to one style of music, he is out of breath.

In 1996, he returned to a major radio school in Paris. Two years later, thanks to this learning, he meets columnists on radio FG and will be immersed in the field techno ... Finally a sound that speaks to him!
In 2000, he will decide, probably out of frustration, to put aside Djing. He will become three years later, the press officer of one of the largest festival in Alsace, the Festirock.

In 2009, back in the southeast, he will cross Seb Genre. The latter, with his experience, will show him other techniques of mixing, a different listening to music and will not hesitate to present it to his friends DJ.

2011, his meeting with Kamille Louis, is the last chronological step in his evolution. They work together and create an association of events, the SoundWorkers.
To date, Arnolito has mixed in large parties and large establishments in the south-east, on Nîmes, Marseille or Nice. His style is borrowed from Latin sounds. It oscillates between tech-house, deep-house and minimal.


---- Kamille Louis ----

bio: http://www.pzcityclub.fr/artist/86/kamille-louis


---- DJ Cyril M ----

bio: http://www.pzcityclub.fr/artist/9/cyril-m-


---- PRICES ----

On the spot 8 €

Presales: http://www.pzcityclub.fr/billetterie.html#!events/73301

---- PARTNERS ----

Dancin '
Aviva Radio
ElectroVision Live Show
The kitchen of 728