Une Visite Inopportune // COPI

8 Nov 2019 20:00
→ 8 Nov 2019 22:00
Théâtre du Présent // Crous Normandie, Pix'M
Théâtre du Présent // Crous Normandie
43B rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny - Mont-Saint-Aignan
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NOVEMBER 6 AND 8: An Intimidious COPI Visit!

The COPI cycle continues at the TDP, with the representation of his testamentary part: An Inopportune Visit.

COPI, draws the story of the last day of a man in a public hospital. It's ruthless, absurd, funny. It screams, It's fighting, It (kills), sometimes even, finally, a day in the "COPI galaxy", but after all, ... Nothing erases
the backdrop. Death, omnipresent in the room. We play again to forget the end
announced, and make the day less painful.
A newspaper that we make up not to panic, to say that perhaps everything can continue. Make up, as one will make up the disease, scandals, or future corpses.
Here, the characters die and resurrect, as easily as a drawing is erased and then traced, but where men live, leave, and never return.

ATTENTION: On November 6th we will offer you a stage edge after the show in order to exchange with the public, the play, AIDS, or other !!

///// PRICES /////

3 € student discount
5 € all-inclusive rate

////// Reservations /////

by mail: theatredupresent@crous-normandie.fr
by phone: 0769218748