11 Jan 2019 18:00
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ONYX Association
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Exhibition Hunting by VLMR.Moura

VLMR de Moura, Architect with a bit of artist.
Works with different languages and scales - each project is a challenge to the content and its specific expressions.
Since the discovery of the scale of the territory, during his training at the School of Architecture in Grenoble, all the works and series take the forms according to the wishes of the expressions, representing the language and the physical and metaphysical landscape.
Each territory is a "cloud" of chaos, where expressions infuse its contents.

" The hunt "

The "hunting" project is a tribute to Jean Genet's poem "The Condemned to Death" of 1942, one of the founders of the Queer movement in France. He speaks of a longing and yet forbidden at the time, where the exchanges were done in the muted, where the shadows and the hiding places are Queens, contemporary culture Queer.
It is a figurative, amusing and colorful series obtained by the superposition of techniques, mixtures of watercolors, Indian ink and markers also, your eyes will be lost in sets of information of sliders interpellating the reflection and the democratization of action. Only a wise look can reveal the complex lines of desire and temptation.

Come and discover the exhibition "Hunting"
from January 11 to February 10, 2019.

Opening, Friday, January 11 from 18h00

With DJ Set - DJ Yio - Lyon - MAHANA BAY LABEL

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