Vernissage : expo Zach Grear

7 Jun 2019 19:00
→ 8 Jun 2019 02:00
M'sieurs Dames, Bosco Noire
M'sieurs Dames
30 avenue Parmentier - Paris
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A first in the young history of the Ladies, we are happy and proud to welcome on our pink and blue walls the first exhibition of an international artist. A way also for us to celebrate, in this month of Gay Pride in Paris and around the world, the origins of this movement of claims and visibilities born on New York bitumen, following the riots of Stonewall there are exactly 50 years.
Self-taught, Zach Grear lives in New York City, Brooklyn. He draws inspiration from his unusual works in a fantastic gallery of influences that ranges from vintage queer eroticism to punk aesthetics to the very 70's atmosphere of the city where he lives.
Waving in his own way the great symbols of the LGBTQ community, icons of yesterday and today, he reinterprets them and imbues them with his own standards of beauty. His world will marry beautifully that of the bar between June 7 and July 5.
We invite you to meet the young artist during the opening. Present for a short stay in Paris, it is the unique opportunity to exchange with him. The entrance is free.