Violence intime : pour que cela n'arrive plus ! de Amal Mokded

8 Mar 2020 19:00
→ 8 Mar 2020 21:30
Centre Lgbtqi+ Paris-Îdf
Centre lgbtqi+ Paris-ÎdF
63 rue Beaubourg - Paris
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Sunday March 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the Geneviève Pastre room in the Center.

Intimate violence: so that it does not happen again! by Amal Mokded.

In the presence of Amal Mokded, director / Sara Kamoun member of Falgatna Paris movement / Manel Mabrouk, filmmaker moderator of the event and general secretary of the association CIFM (international coalition of mobile women).

Projection / debate. Free admission, limited seating available.

Projection carried out as part of International Women's Rights Day and echoed with the “Violence” exhibition presented at the LGBTQI + Center from March 2 to 30, 2020.

Projection / debate around short films by filmmaker Amal Mokded on the trauma left by physical or psychological violence against women in Tunisia.

A work of self-filming (autofiction) inspired by the artist's experience.

Video art is deeply linked to the feminist struggle, in its quality as a tool; it allows to record, memorize and give voice to the repressed.

The video has technical qualities likely to participate in the treatment of certain neuroses. It is a kind of exploration of intimate testimonies that offer an ease to create from the director's own body and own image. A work of introspection that allows you to experience vertigo and duplication, facing your own image.