Visite Montmartre 1900, l'avant-scène des invertis

7 Sep 2019 15:00
→ 7 Sep 2019 17:00
Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme
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From the early years of the 20th century, behind neon lights, famous cabarets, mills and picturesque streets, Montmartre has hosted a rich homosexual life. This other Montmartre had its codes, its figures, its places, its passionate moments as its setbacks ... Discover them during a guided tour proposed by Paris Gay Village.

Montmartre was a hotbed of homosexual nights around 1900 and throughout the first part of the century. Cabarets, brasseries, and music halls received emancipated lesbians or boys openly seeking. Some music halls were successful on the back of a homosexual scandal. On the boulevards, the "little Jesus" hung up the client and were not all called Jesus the Quail. But Montmartre was also the refuge of many homosexual artists at the same time. From Pigalle to the mound, the inverts were out in the open, between scorn, fascination and rejection.

This course will also make some incursions in the post-war years, until the 70's.

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